Thursday, 30 June 2011


I've been eyeing off 3 pairs of peep toe shoe boots since mid-May (I wasn't sure which pair I really wanted) and this afternoon because I've still been thinking about them, I decided to take a look at the site and see if they still had them (I don't know why I torture myself), but to my surprise they were now on-sale for just £12.00 OMG! I just had to buy them.

I couldn't decide if I wanted black or the brown/beige pair so I bought both. I really, really, really wanted the tan/navy blue, but they were definitely sold out in my size *sad face*

Here's the link to buy the Black pair

The TellTale LaceUp Peep Toe Shoe Boots were £40.00 now £12.00!
Here's a link to buy the Brown/Beige boots

The TellTale LaceUp Peep Toe Shoe Boots were £40.00 now reduced to just £16.00!

These are the original ones I saw a lady wearing in Topshop in Birmingham. I complimented her and she said I got them from ASOS. She said she'd received many compliments on them and I can see why. I don't normally go up to strangers but I just had to compliment the lady because I loved the shoes and she was really pretty too so it's thanks to her for wearing those awesome boots that day on her shopping trip or I might not know about them.

I'd never ordered from ASOS until today!

Here's the link to buy the above tan/navy boots

The TellTale LaceUp Peep Toe Shoe Boots

These boots are still on the site but sold-out in my size. Were £40.00 but are just £12.00!

*boohoo I knew I should've bought them when I first saw them*

Do you like any of these boots and what would you wear them with?

I'm thinking of wearing the black or brown/beige with white or black knee length shorts and a t-shirt. I've booked a shopping day trip to Birmingham next month to meetup with my girlfriend who is a Teacher so she's on School holiday's then and lives in nearby Derby. I've been up to see her three times this year and the last time was my birthday weekend in mid-May so I may not have much money to spend because I've spent over £150.00 on shoes and makeup in the Sales in the past 2 days but it's a chance to see her and have lunch, go see a film, go shopping and of course I still have a Forever 21 giftcard I bought to spend so I'm bound to find some really cute accessories to rock with the shorts and boots.

I chose the delivery services that guarantees to delivery by 7th July and the postage was free so I saved myself £4.00 but I don't know how I'm going to hide all this stuff from Mr AGB. I hope they don't arrive when he's working from home a few days next week. Eek.
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