Monday, 6 June 2011

Charlie Simpson

I remember when Charlie was in a band called Busted, they had a few songs I liked. I wouldn't class myself as a fan because I didn't buy any of their music, go to any of their concerts etc. but I didn't mind listening to their songs on tv, or on the radio.

After a few years Charlie left Busted and joined a band called Fightstar (I know nothing about their music) except it was more rockier, whereas Busted were pop, but now it seems Fightstar are on hiatus and Charlie's gone solo as Charlie Simpson.

With thanks to the lovely Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi on youtube she introduced me to Charlie's new song Down, Down, Down in her May favourites video. I listened to it a couple of times yesterday and then last night I started singing the song in my head and then I woke up singing it and now I can't stop singing it.

Here's the video

You can download Charlie's EP for Free, just Like his Official facebook page and underneath the profile picture click the link on Free EP (you have to allow it to install an app) but then you can download it onto your computer.

I read a few comments on his youtube channel and there were a lot of comparisons of his music now compared to Busted. Why do people do that? Charlie is older, he's moved on, experienced other music and life etc. There's no point in comparing Charlie now to Charlie from Busted, which was 6 years ago.

Charlie's releasing his first solo album Young Pilgrim in August.