Thursday, 16 June 2011

Collective High Street Haul

I decided to go shopping this morning.

I was driving past Wilkinson's on the bus and noticed their in-shop advertisement for the Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles Roll as well as other Garnier products were on-sale for £4.98 each.

In Sainsbury's, Boots and Superdrug it's £9.99 so I nipped in and got one. I've heard a lot of people talk about how great it is and I've wanted to try one but haven't got around to getting one until today, I can't wait to try it. I also bought a few other things but I'll spare you the boredom.

Total cost: £18.00 for various necessities

Then I noticed across the street a shop I'd never noticed before and what enticed me to go have a look was a sign in the shop window saying ladies flip-flops £2.50. I might never have noticed the store if I hadn't seen that sign.

Ever the bargain hunter that I am and trying not to go on a blowout, I went into the shop and immediately noticed all the kids stuff at the front, then a short distance away like a beacon shining from a lighthouse I spotted the flipflops stand.

All the small sizes were are the front so I had to dig into the pile to find my size and then found a pair in another colour in my size, they only had a few left. I thought about buying a grey floral pair but I went on a flipflop splurge in Australia in February so I found and decided to buy one pair and they're pink!

Here's the £2.50 flip-flops I bought. The straps are rubber but coated in a pink glitter on the upperside *flipflop heaven*

Could they be any cuter?

Then I went into the section for tops and blouses and found these

Turquoise (it said Aqua on the label) is my new favourite colour this season and this top will go nicely with;


which I bought last month (turquoise necklace from Forever 21) and the other necklace is from Topshop. I'm going to wear one of the above necklaces with the turquoise top and either white linen shorts, a denim skirt, denim capri's or even a pair of white linen capri's.

Can someone please tell Mother Nature it's supposed to be Summer?

The turquoise t-shirt was £4.50. I also bought a pair hotpink tracksuit capri pants for £7.99, which will be great for plodding about at home in my garden, reading, or perhaps a quick trip to the corner shop on a hot day for an incream.

I also bought a white round neck plain white t-shirt which was £4.00. Unfortunately, I can't find the t-shirt or the capri's on the website to show you and when I got home I threw capri's in the washing machine. With colours like that and denim I like to give them a wash before putting them in my closet so they don't stain anything hanging in my wardrobe.

At home in different lighting the capri's looks more like Magenta. Definitely not the hotpink I wanted, but for the price and comfort I'm not going to complain, but next time I go shopping there I'll take clothing closer to natural light to get a good idea of the true colour. These will go nicely with a white t-shirt, or tank top.

Total cost: 3 clothing items and a pair of flipflops under £20.00

Then I went to Boots and only bought one item, the Barry M Peach Melba nail polish. I've been trying to get my hands on this for weeks but whenever I went to Superdrug, or Boots it was soldout. I grabbed it and I had little time so I didn't look at anything else. When I got to the checkout the lady said I had £25 worth of points to spend on my Boots Advantage card so I ended up buying the Barry M using up some of my points. It meant I didn't need to dig into my handbag for my coin purse. I wish I'd had more time to shop and I could use spend more of my points.

Total Cost: £2.99

Then I nipped into Superdrug because I was looking to find the Bourjour Chocolate Bronzer in Shade 51. I looked for it in Boots but they only had 52, so I thought go find it in Superdrug but they didn't have 51 either so I went and looked at the Gosh stand and tried a sample of the clear face primer. I expected it to be sticky but it wasn't. I applied it to the back of my hand and then felt it and immediately it felt and smooth, like satin and dried immediately. I think it's going to be a fantastic base to apply my liquid foundation on but I was rushed for time. I looked at my watch and realised I had to be elsewhere and grab lunch first before my bus home so I had to leave it on the shelf but I won't forget about it. It was £13.99 for 30ml.
They also had one for anti-aging and another one I didn't get time to check.

Next I popped into W H Smith to find more freebies and found they had more Harpers Bazaar but they didn't have "Do Me A Flavour", which is what I'd decided to get, they had the other two colours I already have which I bought and blogged about here.

I knew I should've snapped up all 3 Leighton Denny polishes the same day!

Nipped into Subway for a sub and a drink and then to the mimimart to grab bread, eggs and milk. Then I remembered I had £5.00 giftcard to spend in the Body Shop so quickly nipped in there (whilst keeping a beady eye on the bus-stop) and I bought the Sweet Lemon giftpack which contains a Sweet Lemon Body Scrub [50ml], Sweet Lemon Body Butter [50ml], a white shower puff/sponge and a Sweet Lemon Shower Gel [50ml] this only cost me £5.00, the giftpack is worth £12.50 but it's sold for £10.00 in shops and *online. *You can't use the Instyle magazine £5.00 gift card online so I had to go into the shop.

I've wanted to try the Sweet Lemon range for a while and it smells absolutely gorgeous, if you love the smell of Lemons - seriously this is right up your street, it's a gorgeous body pampering kit and it comes with a sponge and in a cute yellow lemon netted bag. On the way home in the bus I tried a small amount of the body scrub on the back of my hand and loved the feeling of it and the smell so I can't wait to use the lemon scented products. I'll probably treat myself tomorrow.

If my husband returns from Spain on Saturday (it looks like it may now be Monday) I'm hoping to get to the beach this weekend. It's too far away so I can't get there without him driving. If he's still in Spain I'm going to head for my nearest leisure centre early in the morning for a dip in the pool.

Please let there be a nice weather and sunshine for the next week. I'm so getting sick of humid days but overcast. Why is all the cloud staying in the south?

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