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Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On

This is my first blogpost using an iPhone app called BlogPress. I thought as it's still early here I'd blog from the comfort of my bed, afterall it's Sunday and I love lazy Sunday morning sleep-ins.

I've been using the roll-on twice everyday since buying it mid-week. It's been only 5 days but I see a big improvement.

I bought the Very Fair one which is very light in colour. I could've probably done with Fair but it blends into the skin pretty quickly and is covered by foundation or my Skin79 B B Cream easily (I haven't tried wearing it under a Tinted Moisturiser yet).

What I like about it is the cooling roller ball (it was colder than I first anticipated on Wednesday) so it gave me a shiver on first application, but I'm getting used to it.

I'd wanted to try this for a while but at £10 I thought it a bit expensive not knowing if it worked, but after hearing so many beauty gurus on Youtube say how much they liked it and it worked I decided to go for it.

I managed to find this in a Garnier special in Wilkinson for £4.98 but I've seen it advertised for £9.98 elsewhere. At almost £10 I was a bit hesitant try buy it but for under £5.00 I'm glad I did so try to find it cheaper if you can but if I couldn't get it for £5.00 having used it I would pay £10.00 for it because it's worked for me more than I thought it would.

It's 15ml so it'll last a while and it has a metal (silver) balk which glides across your skin easily. I like using it under my eye twice a day (morning) and (night) after cleansing, toning and moisturising, but if I felt the need I think it'd be safe to use it 3-4 times a day but I haven't felt I needed to. Tomorrow I'm going to try using this on top of foundation or BB cream to see if it blend I don't think it won't but perhaps work better if I was using the Fair version better.

Here's what Superdrug's website says about this product:

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on has a double-action formula:
  1. Moisturising eye care and a cooling roller ball refreshes and hydrates tired looking eyes.
  2. Mineral pigments cover dark circles in a flash.
Flawless, natural-looking coverage, long-lasting wear. Available in 2 shades to adapt perfectly to your skin tone:
  • Fair skin tone
  • Medium to medium dark skin tone.
How to use:
  1. Apply directly onto the eye contour, where dark circles appear.
  2. Formula is dispensed automatically via the cooling, massaging roller ball.
  3. Blend with fingertips, as if you were applying your regular concealer, for flawless coverage all day long.
I guess since this was written Garnier have introduced the Very Fair colour because there's no mention of this.

This hasn't caused my under eye skin to feel dry, or made it look cakey after applying, or made it look any worse than before I started using it, it feels like it's made my skin smooth, less dark and has reduced my under eye bags/puffyness. I've certainly noticed improvement so I'm quite happy. I just hope it keeps working, as with most things I use, my body adapts to it and there comes a point when a product isn't working it's best for me but right off the bat this gave me results in a few hours but I noticed a big improvement in 24 hours.

Have you tried ot yet? If not, I definitely suggest trying it.

If the people at Garnier read this (highly unlikey) can you please make a smaller version? I feel it's quite long and in small makeup bags it's a smidge big, but this is a good product and more people should try it.

I'm going to use up the Very Fair and get a Fair next. I should've swatched it before buying, but they don't have Testers in Wilkinson.

What do I think about this product?

I like it and I will continue to use it. I will buy the Fair shade next because I feel this would match my skintone a bit better than the Very Fair . I wish I'd actually started using this months ago. I give it a big thumbs up. 15ml is a good amount of product, but the packaging is a little bit long.


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