Thursday, 30 June 2011

Independence Day Sale

About a week ago I placed an order with a US website called Nonpareil Boutique, they were recommended to me an australian YouTube friend named Jodi. She had swatched some NYX lipsticks she had bought. 

A lot of my australian blogger friends buy from the US because Australia's a very expensive place to buy decent makeup and I loved two of the lipsticks Jodi swatched so I thought I'd buy them because I liked them too. Unfortunately, one of the lipsticks was out of stock "Paparazzi" but I placed an order for a couple more I liked the look of.

I contacted nonpareil yesterday to ask them if they had a sale coming up or a discount shipping code, my first order was a great price under £25.00 but the shipping was about £12.00 and they emailed me back the same day and said that they appreciated my business (this wasn't a scripted email), and they're having a sale Storewide and are including ELF cosmetics too.

I'm going to place an order for the NYX Paparazzi lipstick because they're currently selling these for $2.00 each yes that's right just $2.00 each and this shade has not yet been released in the UK.

In order to take advantage of this sale they've published a discount code on the website. 

Before you scoff at this and say well I don't live in the US, they post to the UK and they post to Australia too, so see if they'll post to your Country on the website. They also accept PayPal and credit cards so if your looking to buy makeup from NYX and ELF and other brands they have a huge store so check it out, you can shop by brand or just search what your looking for and they might stock it.

Please note the ELF products they sell are not available to customers in the European Union.

I received my first order on Monday. They were very prompt to send me an email saying the item had completed the ordering status and entered the shipping, but as it was International I would be unable to track the package. I think you can select trackable shipping by UPS but it costs more and I just wanted it shipped with less cost as possible so I went with UPS mail un-trackable. The Company are based in Van Nuys, California and I paid using PayPal but they also accept credit card orders via their website.

Nonpariel are also on Facebook here and Twitter here if you have any questions.
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