Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Favourites

Here's a video showing you my favourite products for June 2011.

Some of the products were also favourites in April and May and this is my third favourites video. I like doing these too. I'm not rich so I can't do Haul's everyday which is another favourite type of video I like to do but I did Haul a recent ELF splurge in two parts on my youtube channel and there's also other videos.

This one is my 23rd video!

You can watch it on my YouTube channel here if you'd prefer, please subscribe if you like (no pressure).

I know I'm not the most attractive woman in the world, but there comes a time that you just have to have a stab at something you've wanted to do for a few years and I really enjoy making and editing videos. If people don't like them, they don't have to watch. I'm not forcing them to do so and I'll keep making my own videos for as long as it's fun for me.

I really did have to overcome a big fear to make these videos so I pat myself on the back after each one is uploaded. I'm not very happy being filmed, the camera adds more like 50 pounds in my case and makes my teeth look really gappy too, they're not that bad, but I will be getting braces in September. Eek!

What's a fear that you have overcome? and if you have a youtube channel yourself, please comment I'd love to watch your videos. I'm not critical of anyone because we're all different and if we were all the same what a boring old world it would be! I think making your own videos takes a lot of courage and if people leave nasty comments they don't mean anything to me, they're strangers, they don't know me and never will so why should a negative comment be hurtful.

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