Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Surf, Baby!

I've never bought any Mac products before, as much as I would like, because (to me) their expensive, that's not to say I don't think they're good quality or worth the price, its just that when I see how much the products are I get disheartened because I can't afford to spend that kind of money on makeup. I'm not single and have a Mortgage, loans and credit cards to pay-off, so treating myself to something as gorgeous as this would take place very rarely and definitely without my husband's knowledge.

But Surf Baby has launched and I wanted to buy a couple of things and seeing as I'm a nail polish junkie I decided to buy the two nail polishes from this collection called Ocean Dip (turquoise) and Hangin Loose (nude).

I don't live near a Mac store but I'm 30 minutes from a Debenhams. I decided to order online because by the time I got to Debenhams it'd probably be sold out. I went to the Mac store on Debenhams, both nail polishes were available so stupidly I went and made lunch, did some housework and came back to the site but Hangin Loose had sold out!

I bought Ocean Dip right away because I didn't want to miss out on that too. I still really wanted Hangin Loose so I found a seller on Ebay from South London who wasn't asking for too much money £16.50 (they were £10.00 each at Debenhams), so I bought Hangin Loose too total cost £18.50. It may sound expensive for just one nail polish but when I worked out how much it'd cost me to get the bus and then a train to my closest Debenhams it would cost more. Another thing that was a good deal was getting free postage from Debenhams. Ocean Dip cost £10.00 incl. postage.

The only other Surf Baby item I'd like is the over sprayed Hibiscus flower, but its not on Debenhams and another Ebay is selling it for £35 each.

This is what she looks like, isn't she gorgeous?

I painted my nails right away (both were received today) and I'm pretty impressed with Ocean Dip I have no top coat on, nor a base coat and I've done the washing, vacuuming, folding clean laundry, stacked the dishwasher and cleaned the bathroom without gloves and not one nail has chipped and it dried superfast. I was worried the colour in the bottle wasn't the true nail colour, but in just two coats it was perfect!

and Ocean Dip goes with my new turquoise necklace from Forever 21

and also my new Forever 21 Moc Croc wallet.

I'm a very happy girl!

Have you bought any of Surf Baby products, or any from previous collections?

Which Mac products are you favourite?

Are you new to Mac like me?
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