Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Magazine Haul July 2011 Freebies

I've watched a few video haul's on YouTube recently that were fun because they weren't typical in front of the computer, camera/webcam haul's - they were done in taxi cabs. Yes that's right a taxi cab.

You can watch Miss Glamorazzi's taxi cab haul in New York here (which is the first taxi cab haul I watched) and then I found Miss Jessica Harlow's H & M and Bloomingdales taxi cab haul video here.

I thought they were different and fun and then I thought why not do my own different haul and haul a blog about makeup items from magazines. I've never done it before.

These are all UK magazine issues for July 2011.

The first magazine freebie is Instyle (above). This issue comes with a free £5.00 Body Shop Gift Card (use in-stores only by 8th July 2011), only one gift card per transaction, not valid on sale products.. Full Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the card.

Magazine: £3.70 (Body Shop Gift Card worth £5.00).

The next freebie was the Harper's Bazaar issue (above). The choice of 3 freebies are Leighton Denny nail polishes in a red "Viva La Diva", an orange "Do Me a Flavour" and a taupe "Supermodel". (1 bottle per issue). I found the Viva La Diva (red) and the "Do Me A Flavour" in abundance locally. I went to 6 places to find find Supermodel (taupe) because I'd wanted the Taupe firstly because it's more my colour and I don't wear red polish, but when I saw the red "Viva La Diva" I had to buy it, so I bought two mags to get two polishes.

Magazine: £4.20 each (nail polish value £11.00 each [12ml])

The Red Magazine (above) comes with a choice of 3 shades of Jemma Kidd Makeup School Lipgloss (1 per issue). I looked at the three choices and I decided on the "Petal" shade which is a nude/rose pink, they also had a red and a darker pink. I'd normally go with the pink but I decided on the petal as it was really pretty.

Magazine: £3.80 each (lipgloss value £14.00 [6ml])

The Glamour Magazine (above) comes with a choice of 3 Benefit products "Posietint" (pink), BeneTint (red) and High Beam. I bought two magazines so I could get Posie and High Beam.

Magazine: £2.00 each (High Beam costs £18.50 and the Posie costs £24.50 each) [7g]

Lastly, Marie Claire (above) and this issue has either an Inika Mineral Eye Shadow or an Eyeliner (1 per issue). I had to track down the eyeshadow which is called "Gun Metal". I don't know if their doing any other shades because this is the only one I could find in the eyeshadow. I found tonnes of the eye liner. The eyeshadow's a loose pigment. I've never heard of Inika before but I like trying new products and brands so I can't wait to try this.

Magazine: £3.60 [1g] - This is Vegan friendly and isn't tested on animals!

Unfortunately, that's it for my mag haul. If there's more UK mags giving away freebies next month I'll have another Magazine Freebie Haul blogpost for you in July for the August issues.

If I were you I would run to your Newsagent, WH Smith, Sainsbury etc. to snap these magazines up. I had to go to about 5 or 6 places to find the Harpers Bazaar Supermodel nail polish (but I think that's more down to where I live) than popularity. The issue with Supermodel was the only issue they had left at my local WH SMith so thank goodness it was in the right colour.

I'll post two NOTD with the Leighton Denny polishes at the end of this week, but if you want to see them now, please go to Liloo's blog, she shows them brilliantly here on her blog "Le Petit Jardin de Liloo".

If there are any other July issue mags with freebies that you hear about, please let me know what they are by commenting below, or send me a tweet on Twitter @aussiegirlblogs because I'm loving the freebies and pouring over a few of the magazines I don't normally buy like Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire.

Apologies for the rushed photography. I took the photos at 4am this morning.

Have a great day!

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