Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nail of the Day (NOTD) 08.06.11

As much as I love MAC's Ocean Dip (it lasted a few days without one single chip or any fading) I received a new polish in the post so I decided to change my polish.

Ta da Essie Sand Tropez and what a little beauty she is. She's going to be worn oh so much and the thing I like about her is she seems a tiny weeny bit thicker than Essie Turquoise and Caicos and Lilacism but I'm probably imaging it. I'm totally nuts about it.

I'd have to say it's my absolute fave nude! I only have two, but one's enough for me.

In the bottle it looks grey but application wise it's a very pretty cafe latte, milk coffee, sand, beige, fawn colour. Photographs don't do this shade the kudos it deserves and I love the cute name, she's the perfect nude. I only have one other nude which is Elf's (1503) Nude and I like it, but I find it a little bit too sheer. Sand Tropez is also sheer but in 3 coats you can't see my natural nail and it's a gorgeous colour I can see I'm going to wear often.

I've recently been applying nail polish without a base coat because I found using a base it makes my nails take too long to dry, which is annoying (sticking to the paler shades) I've been using 2 or 3 coats of polish and one or two applications of top coat. If I was wearing a darker colour on my nail then I'd apply a base coat. Maybe it's just the basecoat I use because it's a dual function base and topcoat and I used to think it was pretty good but lately it's really been letting me down. Time for a new one.

You can see I went a bit crazy with the middle fingernail and added a splash of OPI's Flashbulb Fuschia, which I'm wearing two coats of on my toenails too and it's so pretty. I'll spare you from looking at my gross tootsies until I've had a professional pedi.

I applied the splash of Flashbulb to my right hand middle finger also so it kind of looks like a fuschia tip and adding the splashes ties in nicely with the fuschia toenails. I'm quite a matchy, tie in with other colours, or team with the theme (just a little bit of Kath and Kim) humour but gosh I'm missing that show.

Anyway, I feel stylish today (at least on my nails and toes). I'm sitting here in comfy grey tracky dacks and a cotton t-shirt wearing no makeup (not even a concealer) and I haven't done anything to my hair either except wash it and comb it and left it to dry naturally.

I'm 95% au naturele today. I love days like this but heaven help me if the doorbell rings!

Recommendations for colours are welcome, please comment below.

Until next time, have a great evening, night, day (adjust to the timezone you live in).

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