Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nails Inc. The Candy Shop Collection

Nails Inc. have another collection (I'm finding it hard to keep up with all their releases and special promos with magazines etc). The new collection are very pretty pastel shades.

This is a Limited Edition collection.

I think the price is amazing for Nails Inc. collections because if they were sold separately they'd cost £11.00 each, or £9.90 for a Reward Member price, so these are terrific value!

Which shade(s) are favourites from The Candy Shop?

Mine are: Wimbledon, Cambridge and Oxford. I'm not too sure about Richmond, although it does sound like something I'd like. I'm just not too thrilled about the colour in the bottle but that just may be because I haven't seen a swatch of it, yet.

Click here to buy The Candy Shop from Nails Inc's. website.

Would you splash your cash on this collection? 

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