Tuesday, 14 June 2011

NOTD 13.06.11

Hi Girls,

Here's another NOTD for you. I painted my nails this gorgeous pale blue colour called "Blue Lagoon" (044) by Revlon. It's a 2011 Spring shade I believe. I bought it from Superdrug a month ago but I hadn't used it.

The main nail colour is Blue Lagoon. It's gorgeous, it has tiny speckles of glitter in it and I used 5 coats, it's sheer but 5 coats gave me the opaqueness I wanted. It dries very quickly on natural nails. I'm still not using a base coat, nails dry quicker without base coats - simples.

I love the specks of glitter in this but it wasn't enough for me so I let it dry, which only took about 10 minutes, a pretty reasonable time for 5 coats of polish and then I used one of my favourite glitters by Saffron London called "goldust", it's a really thick jelly glitter and I think it gives it the pizzazz I was aiming for.

It was my first time using Blue Lagoon and I have to say for a pale colour I like it. I don't have any other blues like it and I think it looks fab with the Goldust as a top coat.

You'll come to learn that when I use glitter, I really go to town with the glitter!

I love my nails but I'll probably get some strange looks in town tomorrow. I would've kept it just the Blue Lagoon and I did for a little while, but it didn't take long to decide to get the glitter out - it never does, trust me but I'm surprised it's not a pink with glitter which, is what I normally go for.

I've bought some storage boxes from Ikea for my nail polish collection. I haven't put all the polishes into the boxes yet, so I don't know how many goes in each box but I'll definitely post pictures and tell you more about it tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'll have another NOTD on Friday. I promise I'll keep the glitter in the cupboard.
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