Thursday, 23 June 2011

Poppy King for Boots No. 7

I shop at Boots regularly but I've just found out the Australian Queen of Lipstick, Ms Poppy King, has has launched a range with Boots No. 7.

The range consists of 7 lipsticks with 7 matching lipglosses.

I wanted to show you the Boots swatches but unfortunately they all look very similar online, but here are the shade names:

History, Power, Glamour, Allure, Intrigue, Confidence and Seduction

There's also a Facebook app here.

I grabbed two bits to share (if you want more, please read the link below):

Of the seven shades in the No7/Poppy King collaboration, which would you recommend as a staple shade and why?

Intrigue is a great universal shade that suits everyone.

What are your five top tips for getting your lipstick to last?

Choose lipsticks that have less glossy formulations.
Apply lipstick straight from the tube.
Blot with a tissue and apply again.
Apply lip liner over the entire lip before applying lipstick.
Take off the lipstick after lunch and re-apply from the beginning. This should last you right through the afternoon.

Read the full interview with Poppy here.

The lipsticks are £12.00 each ---> buy here

The lipglosses are £11.00 each ---> buy here

For those not familiar with Poppy King or the Poppy brand, it is and she is very well-known in Australia. She started her own cosmetics company when she was 18 years old and in 1995 she received the Young Australian of the Year award.

More videos here on Boots' website.

After I swatch these in Boots I'm going to buy a gloss and a lipstick. I don't know if I'll go for matching gloss to lipstick, maybe I'll get two different shades but I'll let you know.

Here's Poppy's website.

Poppy lives in New York and her new range is called "Lipstick Queen".
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