Friday, 17 June 2011

Sedona Lace 12 piece brush set

Anna Saccone from The Style Diet's having a Sedona Lace palette giveaway on her Facebook page (link below).

I got curious about Sedona Lace after hearing Anna mention it because it's not a brand I've heard of before, so I looked to see if their on Facebook and found an Official page.

Upon further investigation I read that Sedona Lace are giving away prizes for bloggers and one of the rules for entry is to blog about the Sedona Lace professional make up brushes, if you want to enter to win, or if your already using to simply review them.

I don't have the Sedona Lace brushes so this is my blogpost to firstly, let you know about the competition by Sedona Lace and also to introduce you to Sedona Lace, we can discover this brand together!

The prize is a 12 piece Professional Make Up Brush Set by Sedona Lace (you get to choose the colour you want)!

I've shown you the Pink brush set, but they also come in Black.

Entry form to win the professional brushes:

Here's the information for the brush giveaway.

Here's Sedonna Lace's Facebook page.

Why I'd like to Win the Sedona Professional Make Up Brushes

I've recently started blogging so I'm looking for a professional makeup brush set. I haven't decided with a brand to go with and only recently having heard of the Sedona brand I thought I'd look into it further. I really like that your professional brush set comes with 12 brushes because I feel that's the right amount of brushes required for my makeup routine.

I'm also interested in the Sedona Lace makeup, having seen Anna Saccone use it in her youtube tutorial here and she's giving away the palette to her Subscribers. I would really love to win your makeup brush competition so I have what I need to start applying my makeup using professional, quality tools and experiment with different make up looks.

Winning your competition would make this very happy new blogger absolutely ecstatic!

More about Sedona Lace

Sedona Lace also have eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, a concealer palette and foundations in their range which is exciting!

and they have a really helpful blog showing you swatches of the palettes they have as well as a close look at their professional makeup brushes etc. You can find the blog here.

The Sedona Lace Professional Make Up Brushes were only released on 14th June 2011.

If you'd like to order the professional make up brushes, or any of their makeup this is possible because they'll ship Internationally, the Company is based in Florida, USA.

Click here for FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

The Sedona Lace Professional Make Up Brush competition ends 3rd July 2011 (7/3/11).

Anna Saccone's Sedona Lace Palette competition

and here's the Anna's facebook page to enter her competition. In order to enter Anna's competition you must Like her facebook page and then comment on the above link.

Good Luck!

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