Monday, 13 June 2011

Thierry Mugler

Yesterday morning I discovered the Mugler Alien perfume. I don't know why I've never smelt it before and I'm kicking myself because it's absolutely gorgeous.

It all started on Friday with a sample from one of the magazines I hauled and then discovering the same sample in another magazine (I've yet to open that one), upon opening the Alien sample I immediately loved it. I don't know why, but I assumed Mugler fragrances would be too strong (for me). Alien's strong but not in an unpleasant way. I want to bathe myself in this scent and I can do so with the Alien body wash, which I also would like to buy.

Then it came to me and I remembered someone telling me years ago how they loved Angel and it was their favourite perfume of all time. I wish I could remember who that was. I'm really annoyed I didn't take their advice and check it out.

I don't have a proper bottle of either of the fragrances but this will soon be rectified because my husband's working in Spain and I asked him to get me one or the other, I listed Alien as the favourite and bring it back upon his return.

If he fails to deliver then I'll buy a bottle next week. I would like nothing better than to buy it myself but I think a Duty Free price might allow me a bigger bottle or maybe the chance for a giftbox which has other products in that range to try.

I have a question I hope any Mugler perfume fans can advise me, are all the new bottles refillable ones, or do they still sell non-refillable bottles? And is it very easy to buy a refill and refill it yourself? I don't want to waste any product.

I'd like to get a refillable bottle because I can see both of these perfumes being in my collection and a favourite for a long time. I'd probably go with a 15ml, 25ml or a 30ml size because I want one that I can carry in my handbag without taking up too much room so I think the 60ml or 90ml is too big.

Which Mugler fragrance do you have and which do you recommend?

My little heart is set on both, at the moment more so Alien, but I see how pretty the Angel star bottle is and I can't help but be greedy and want both. Am I bad?
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