Monday, 6 June 2011

[Video] Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

I haven't watched the MTV Movie Awards which took place last night but I knew they'd be premiering the new Breaking Dawn teaser trailer (the final film has been split into two parts) for the cinema/theater release in November.

I absolutely love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series so I've seen every film many, many times and I even own two versions of Twilight, one on (UK) BlueRay and my friend sent me the Canadian version DVD she bought from Target.

My least favourite book of the series is Breaking Dawn but that doesn't mean to say I won't go see the film and November can't come quick enough!

Watch the Official "teaser" trailer here.

Sorry, I couldn't find find an official embed code to post this on my blog.

This Summer, just like the last, I'm going to re-read all the of the books again. When Twilight came out I went to see it 4 times in a week and I've probably watched it about 25 times which includes watching at the cinema, my bluray and dvd. Viewed New Moon a bit less but viewed more of Eclipse.

My favourites:

Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and then Breaking Dawn.

The books and the movies go in this order:

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Just in case you were wondering, I'm Team Edward and yes I have a Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen crush!

Have you read the Stephenie Meyer Twilight books?

Have you just watched the movies?

Who is your favourite character from the book and/or the movie?