Tuesday, 19 July 2011

ELF 20% Off - Like The Baron on Facebook

I noticed ELF tweeted this a few hours ago but I totally forgot to blog about it!

If you Like The Baron's facebook page here, there's a 20% off Code to buy anything on ELF's site, but the offer is only valid until 9am (today) Tuesday 19th July 2011!

Here's the tweet from ELF: 

RT : I'm running a 20% OFF offer on my FB page 
Please RT for your chance to  an elf palette

Not only can you get 20% Off all ELF products (from the UK website) but if you RT the above on Twitter, you can be in the chance to Win an ELF palette!

I just put in another order (I have two orders arriving tomorrow) and the new one from the 20% offer was for another Stipple brush and two Beauty School eyeshadow palettes, which were just £2.80 each plus postage. 

I'm totally loving my new ELF foundation in Porcelain, the Stipple Brush and the ELF Mineral Face Primer. I prefer the ELF face primer to my £15.00 GOSH Face Primer.

The reason for another Stipple brush is so I have one drying and one ready to use and alternate them, its the best foundation brush at £3.50 or in the 20% offer just £2.80 + postage. 

You just can't beat the quality and pricing of ELF and I'm very impressed with the Foundation, Mineral Face Primer and the Stipple Brush. I would definitely recommend those three products if you are new to ELF or aren't sure what you should order. The face primer is £6.50, the Stipple Brush £3.50 and the Foundation I think was £6.00. You'd have to check the website for actual pricing I'm just guessing but in the 20% offer it's 20% off - don't forget to enter the code before checking out the basket.

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