Thursday, 14 July 2011

ELF Cosmetics Re-Stock

Elf received a huge delivery of re-stocked items today, so if you've been waiting for something to come back into stock, chances are it's back in-stock now!

I find the email notification when an item is out of stock very helpful, if there's an item out-of-stock enter your email in the box directly under the item and you'll be notified by email when its back in-stock.

I was going to show you a picture of what it looks like but now everything's re-stocked its not there to show you.

I've heard the next ELF Sale will start when they reach 215,000 Likes on Facebook. It's currently close to 213,000 so please go and Like their page (if you haven't already).

I've been waiting 3-4 weeks for these items to return to stock:

The Mineral Face Primer £6.00

I haven't tried their face primer before.

The new Stipple Brush for £3.50 (I missed out on this when it launched recently)

and the Flawless Foundation with SPF15 for £6.50. I decided to buy the lightest shade in "Porcelain".  I think this is a re-stock but it might be a new item. I love it has a pump. I don't like foundations that are messy, you either poor too much and/or it runs down the outside of the bottle. A pump is a big plus.

There are a few other things I need to re-stock but I'll wait for the Sale.

I didn't wait to wait for the next sale for the above three items, so I placed my order about 30 minutes ago, it might be worthwhile to do the same. There's lots of stock but closer to the next sale, or during the sale what you want to buy might run out again!

I think this was my fourth or fifth order on Elf's website. I'm pretty happy with everything I've bought. The only thing I find that doesn't work for me too well is the Eye Primer, it smells funky and it doesn't last on my oily eyelids for more than about 4 hours. It starts to crease my eyeshadow, but I'll use it up because I don't like wasting products no matter how much I paid for them. I have about 20 items now and all the others I'm really well pleased with their customer service, the delivery, the pricing and the quality, especially the makeup and brushes.

If your looking for a few recommendations I suggest:

Elf Brush Shampoo (to clean your makeup brushes thoroughly)
ElF Eyeshadow palettes Bright or Basics, or the Custom Eyes
(choose your own shades to make your own palette)
Elf Lip palettes (choose your own lip colours)
Elf Studio Lip Balm with SPF15 (various shades to choose from)
Elf Wet Gloss Lash and Eyebrow Clear Mascara (to help grow and condition your eyelashes and eyebrows)
- this is a new favourite and I'm actually using this to curl my lashes and using No Mascara!

So there's a few of my favourite products that I'm using daily, or frequently but I like recommendations from others and trying out new products myself and these products are great and very affordable.

What item(s) have you been waiting for or to try?

Have you bought Elf products before, or are you an elfling? (a newbie to Elf Cosmetics).

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