Friday, 8 July 2011

A-England Nail Polish

I heard about this brand of polish from the Winner of my Nails Inc Giveaway! Thanks Becca.

Becca told me she loved the polishes and recommended them to me on Facebook so I went to the website. I immediately was drawn to the polish colours and the website and I was going to buy a very pretty green/turquoise shade called Galahad, which is their Gem of the Month (I don't exactly know that means yet) but then I saw a shade called "Lady Of The Lake" it's a Purple with specs of Glitter. I ordered it on Monday afternoon and it arrived on Wednesday morning.

Upon receiving Lady of the Lake, I think although I've never seen Butter London's No More Waity Katie which was a limited edition and is selling Ebay for £30+ a bottle, I think this is going to be a very close dupe. If I hadn't already painted my nails black this morning I would've worn Lady In The Lake today, but in a couple of day's she's the next colour to go on my nails.

Here's a swatch which I found on A-England's Facebook page

These are Bijou nail polishes and cost £9.00 each and are 13ml (4fl oz).

On every order up until 15th July you get free UK shipping!

Twitter address:

I'd definitely like to get Galahad and Guinevere next and I'll let you know what they're like as well as Lake Of The Lake. I should have Lady Of The Lake on my Nails on the weekend.

I'm very impressed with the website and the ordering process was very smooth, shipping was super-fast (it's sent from London) and I can't wait to try the Lady and get my hands on a few more polishes at the end of the month. I recommend this polish (even though I haven't tried it yet). £9.00 each and free shipping, what's not to love about that? Please check it out.

If you have No More Waity Katie I'd love to hear if you think Lady of the Lake looks like it could be a dupe. It's not why I bought it though I like Purple's at the moment and I was just really drawn this, they have another purple called Avalon, which is iridescent but I preferred the look of Lady Of The Lake.

Please let me know if you buy one of these polishes, which colour and the application.

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