Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fake Handbags and MakeUp

For a few weeks now I've been wanting to buy a new handbag from Paul's Boutique. The trouble is I don't need another handbag!

Like the ASOS booties I'd wanted for nearly 2 months (and only decided to buy last week).

The reality is I have so many bags and some of them are still unused and in my wardrobe!

My wardrobe is full of Oranges and Pinks and I've always liked these two vibrant colours together.

I realise this bag is not everyone's cup of tea but it's to "my taste".

Maisy £61.00 online + postage

Recently, I've spent too much money on clothing, shoes, makeup and I should be using things I own so I'm still undecided on buying this or any other new handbag at the moment.

I'm sure we all get an attack of the guilts about spending from time-to-time but I've decided not to buy anything until absolutely needed otherwise I'd buy everything and I'm already over £75,000 in debt with my house and having just received my Mortgage Statement I think I'm going to try my absolute best to be more careful with my money, but I'll let you know how that goes.

I've definitely decided not to buy Maisy or any other bag right now. However, I did find an interesting section on Paul's Boutique's website called Fight Fakes and I thought I'd post about it because many of us are buying/have bought fakes. I'm guilty of this with the Louis Vuitton Multicolore bags back in 2004.

After speaking with my friend Dana, her Dad's a Copyright Lawyer in New York, she told me what her Dad had said about buying fake bags and it made me feel sick. She told me where these bags are made, the conditions these workers face on a daily basis by working 16+ hour days in sweatshop conditions on very little pay, working very hard just to put food on the table. She also said that some of these bags are fronts for criminal activity such as drugs and theft. I've never used those bags again and I should throw them out but the skinflint in me says keep them. I know that I'd never take them out in public because the quality is so bad you can tell they're fakes but at the time the quality was pretty good.

I thought the above might be helpful to you if your thinking about buying a Paul's Boutique bag from anywhere other than their website.

I like buying on Ebay but having been burnt before with fake goods (which I reported) on three occasions I won't buy anything I've not scrutinized and asked countless questions over because the most recent thing I thought was genuine (it had all the signs of being genuine) was a Benefit Blush in Dandelion.

It wasn't until I was contacted by a girl in Australia who saw my photos she said it "looked like a fake". I was flabbergasted because I'd asked so many questions to the Seller about the item and it's not like I paid 99p for it. It was bought for £15 and I think it's sold for between £18 to £30 at Debenhams so she gave me pointers on how to spot a fake and what genuine packaging looks like - after checking mine it turned out fake but it was too late to complain to Ebay because they have something like only 10, 12 or 14 days to report these kinds of items before they investigate. I'm now down £15 and I got so mad I just threw it in the bin, having only used it 2 or 3 times. Apparently Benefit's makeup is Counterfeited a lot and sold on Ebay, so please be careful. We don't know what they use in their fake products it could be anything and particularly harmful to your skin.

I'm not pointing the finger at people who buy fakes I'm just asking you to please think about what your buying into such as sweatshop conditions, the poor rate of pay for the workers, unsafe workplaces, workers making these products 16+ hours a day and receiving a pittance wage and most of these counterfeit bags and makeup copying places are also involved in theft, money laundering, drugs, slavery, exploitation etc.

I'm destroying the fake Louis Vuitton bags by cutting them up and putting them into rubbish bags for our bin collection on Friday. I don't want to just throw them out because I don't want anyone to pick them up, clean them and use them. I'm so guilty about buying these bags and I couldn't live with myself if I thought someone else was using them, or donating them to a Charity. I wish I had really thought about parting with the money, the conditions these bags are made in and if I really wanted the bag I should've saved up for a 100% authentic Louis Vuitton bag but I cut corners, lost money and I've ended up worse off.

I propose all of us get rid of our fake products by destroying them and binning them as soon as possible!

You don't have to tell me if you have anything fake. But please seriously consider before parting with your hard earned money from everything I've said because the owners of the genuine products are shutting fraudsters down everyday through the Court's, which is hundred's of hours of Police Investigations and Surveillance and I'd rather our Police be out catching other criminals and Policing the streets.

Copyright Infringement and Counterfeiting is on the rise as is Identity Theft. If we don't buy fake products they have no customers to sell to - we need to make a stand to help stamp out product fakery!

Thanks for reading. I hope that you found it helpful.

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