Friday, 22 July 2011

Glossybox (July 2011)

I received my Glossybox this morning but it wasn't until this afternoon I opened it. I had a few blog posts to write, some work to do offline and then I tried to film the first look at the contents of Glossybox twice before deciding to record from scratch a third time and that'd be it, or no video.

I think updating my computer yesterday has done something with my iMovie programme, now the video and audio don't sync. It starts off ok and then gets out of sync again. I detached the audio and then that seemed to work for a bit then it started going out of sync again. I wasn't running anything else whilst recording or even editing so I don't know but it's annoying me to say the least. I'm being polite I want to swear because its wound me up but I won't. I just have to work out why it's doing this and if the next video does it when uploaded I'm going to have to uninstall OSX Lion which will mean a waste of US20.99 I hate wasting money.

Contents of my Glossybox:

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil 100ml
Ciate Nail Pot in "Beach Melba" 13.5ml
Illamasqua Pure Pigment "Conquer" 1.3g
Xen-Tan Self Tan for Face & Body "Dark"
Archives 69 "The End of Innocence" Eau de Parfum Vial
Like This Tilda Swinton Eau de Purfam Vial

Please video response to my video (on my YouTube channel) because I'd love to see which products you received.

Apologies for the audio/video problems. I'll try to improve the quality (somehow) for the next video.

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