Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NOTD MissTique 11.07.11

Here's my Nail of the Day.

MissTique by Missguided [13ml]. Yes it's one of the 3 freebies with Cosmo's August issue. It's worth £5.00. I would most certainly pay a Fiver for this gorgeous colour. I can think of a number of places I'd wear it: shopping, beach, pool, bbq, party, movies, out to dinner and I'm going to put this on my toes next.

It's the perfect Turquoise!

I'm sorry my photos aren't very good. If I could find my Sony camera cable to charge my camera and I'd be using it, but until I find it or buy a third cable (I keep losing them) then an iPhone 3GS photo is going to have to do, or no photos. I'd rather have some photos on my blog.

Loving MissTique! The bottle colour looks safe but it's definitely a much darker on nails but that's what I love about it.

You have to check out this shade, or the Orange "MissTaken" or the Coral/Red "MissChievous". If you don't fancy getting any of these with Cosmo you can buy them for £5.00 each but get 10% off your first order at Missguided when you signup to the newsletter. Here's where they have the nail polish. They have other polish colours and Designer Nail wraps too. 
I'd like the MissDeamour (Fuschia), MissFit (Black/Gold) and MissUnderstood (deep red) as well.

Which colour takes your fancy?

Please let me know if you buy any of these polishes and which shade you go for.

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