Saturday, 2 July 2011

NYX (UK) 10% off for Me and my Friends

NYX are looking for Facebook Likes and for 10 friends to signup to their newsletter, and if we do, they've got a special offer for us.

1. Like their Facebook page (link above)

2. Subscribe to their newsletter (link above)

3. Mention my name in the Please Specify section "Karen Wilson". This is how they keep track of how many friend's signed-up under my name.

I actually signed-up a few days ago, but I didn't know about this offer, if I had I would've asked if anyone needed another person to join their list of friends to signup to get in on this offer.

After 10 friends have Liked and signed-up, they'll email us with the 10% off code.

If you'd like to let me know you've done this, please comment but no pressure whatsoever.

I'm not being Sponsored and I'm not receiving anything from NYX for free!

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