Saturday, 30 July 2011

On a Walk around my Village 29.07.11

I posted these on Twitter and TwitPic earlier, but I thought it'd be nice to blog them too.

These photos were taken from various gardens in the Village where I live in Kent, UK. Kent's known as The Garden of England and my Village happens to be surrounded by farms and orchards. In less than a 5 minute walk your in a Wood and walking along the Medway River. The Medway connects to The Thames River.

I'm approximately a 10-15 minute drive from Chatham and Rochester in Kent. Both are very historical towns in our County. Rochester because Charles Dickens once lived there and Chatham because it has a naval past and some of the English families immigrating to Australia actually left on ships from Chatham. 

If you ever get a chance you really should come and visit Kent. I live about 30 minutes from the world famous Canterbury Cathedral and I love walking around Canterbury to walk the cobbled streets looking at historial buildings and its also an excellent place for high street shopping.

I often think about moving to live near the Sea and a bit further away from London but nature surrounding me, especially on a gorgeous Summer's day like today, makes me think (for now) I've found a little peace of Heaven and I should enjoy it a little longer.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 3Gs and I'm pretty impressed how they've turned out.

Note: Absolutely no editing whatsoever! Not even lighting or resizing.


Peach Roses

Bright Red Rose (my favourite are dark Red Roses)

Pink Rose

White Rose

Baby Apples

Yellow Rose

This is a Cosmos (I think) but it might be also be a Prairie Flower

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I had a nice wander and as it happens and these were all taken in the same street, which was lucky for me because it was getting hot and I wanted to stop by our only shop in the village to buy an ice cream and mosey on home to wash my teddy bear.

My Teddy Bear is 20 years old (no its not my first teddy bear) and he was given to me by my Mum for Christmas, he's a Polar bear but now he's starting to fall apart, he needs to be taken to the Doctor for replacement filling and sewing up. Anyway, he went for his first wash of the year today but unfortunately I had to put him in the dryer for 45 minutes to dry him off because the weather changed quickly after I got back home from my walk.

Teddy sits on my bed and sometimes my cat Anouska sleeps on his legs, or curls up next to him and today she was looking for him everywhere. I just say where's Teddy? and her ears prick up and she goes into the bedroom to jump up next to him, its the sweetest thing. He's her best friend (since her brother passed away a few years ago). Bless.

Here's my girl Anouska. On a day-to-day basis she's called Bella (since I started loving Twilight) , sometimes call her Annie. She's only called Anouska when she's misbehaving.

She sleeps in this box which was sent to us with our Christmas presents last year from family in Australia. I wanted to throw it out but she jumped into it and made it her's and became attached. It makes her happy. She had a proper cat pillow and bed but would't use it so I washed them and gave them to a Neighbour who had two kittens at the time. They are now little monsters by pooping in my garden and not covering it up.

Oh before you ask, yes she's pure white but had a splodge of black hair on top of her head as a kitten but its gone now. The Vet said when we got her that certainly stopped her from being born deaf as pure white cats are born deaf. Her dearly departed twin was jet black and his name was Jake, Jakey, Jake the Snake. Miss him everyday! 

I'll take a photo of Teddy once he's back from the Doctor's.

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