Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two more August 2011 Magazine Freebies (UK)

A couple more August freebies.
Marie Claire magazine has a choice of two Lip glosses by Ciaté in a Nude or a Coral.

Magazine cost £3.60

Lipgloss worth £9.00 each

Shout magazine has a Hi-Shine Lipgloss. I only found one magazine and it's a Coral lipgloss, this lipgloss has a mirror on the side of the product, which is quite handy (remember to remove the protective coating) because I first thought the mirror was handy then removing it from the magazine it looked not so handy (there was no reflection), then I realised the mirror has a film to protect it. What can I say I'm a billy goat sometimes.

Magazine cost £2.50

Lipgloss worth (it doesn't say).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my hands on a Harpers Bazaar today for the Christopher Kane bag. I'm going to try in WH Smith on Monday. I bought these two magazines whilst shopping at Tesco.

Of both of these lip glosses I prefer the consistency of the Shout magazine lipgloss, it doesn't have any branding on it. The Ciaté one is very nice packaging but it's a little bit too sticky for me, it smells nice and I'm going to use it but (for me) I wouldn't pay £9.00 for it. On the back of the Ciaté packaging for the gloss they have a 15% off code to use when ordering on their website here.  Code: CIATELP This offer expires on 31st August 2011.

Which magazines freebies have you managed to find this month?

Please let me know if you have found others. I was disappointed that Red magazine didn't have one this month and also that the Glamour magazine has a book about Astrology which is interesting but I'd prefer free beauty products. You'd think with a name like Glamour they'd be totally into giving away freebie products.

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