Monday, 1 August 2011

Garnier Launches a BB Cream

For those in the UK who have not yet tried a BB Cream this is exciting news. 

I'm already using and loving a BB Cream made by Skin79 which is from Korea, but I want to try a high street one.

The benefits of the BB Cream I use is light coverage for a minimal makeup look. Skin79 contains Whitening, SPF25 and Winkle Free (I personally) prefer using a BB Cream rather than a Tinted Moisturiser. I'm excited to see what the Garnier one does and this is more readily available and at a good price when I need to restock! 

They come in two shades Light or Medium with SPF 15 and costs £9.99 each (50ml).

Available now from Superdrug stores and online!

Are you likely to try it?

If so, let me know have you used a B B Cream before and did you like it?

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