Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I've just realised it's VEDA! 

I didn't participate last year because I wasn't filming my own videos, but I spent hours during August 2010 watching VEDA videos. 

I'm definitely participating this year and I know this is Day 3 and I haven't Vlogged yet, but I'll make three quick ones today and upload them and then Vlog once a day for the rest of the month.

The videos will be titled VEDA 1, VEDA 2 and so on.

Let me know if you like the vlogs by commenting on my blog, or under the video on my YouTube Channel. Here's a link to my YouTube channel's but you can also find other Social Media sites where you can find me on the front page of my blog under Social Media. I'm also on Dailybooth, I have a Facebook page and also on Twitter (I updated the social media buttons and links last night). When I join other sites I'll add buttons and links for them.

If you would like to VEDA too, here are some tips by the Creator Ashley at writetoteach.

So what exactly is VEDA? (it's pronounced VEEDA or VAYDA). I call it VAYDA.

VEDA means Vlog Every Day in August!

It's just a challenge, project for YouTubers and more recently a lot of Bloggers are participating too so I'm going to do both because I can post my VEDA vlog on my blog. I don't see that as cheating, it's just another platform for my VEDA vlogs to be posted. If your not happy with my VEDA vlogs being posted on my blog *tough cookies* haha

VEDA1, 2 and 3 will be up this afternoon and VEDA 4 uploaded on Thursday.

I'm excited to be participating in VEDA this year and I can't believe I'm a YouTuber!

Are you participating in VEDA? If so, comment below with your youtube channel and/or blog address. I'd love to Subscribe and watch your videos and/or your blogs 

Feel free to add me as a Friend on YouTube if you'd like because I like meeting new people.

Here's  couple of YouTubers participating in VEDA that I Subscribe to, Helen aka AbsoluteTwaddle and an Australian web friend named Caitlin TheHill88. Caitlin's been on youtube pretty much since it launched! She was the first person I ever subscribed to.

Yay for VEDA!

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