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Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil

After using this product for about a week, I decided it was time I review it.

As some of you will know from my Veda videos, for nearly 2 weeks I've been sick. I first thought it was a case of Hives (I'm allergic to Strawberries) but after 3 days of a rash that seemed to be getting worse I phoned my Doctor's Surgery and explained why I needed to see a Doctor because they had no appointments available, they said if it was a rash it might be contageous and the best thing to do was for Doctor to phone me. After waiting liked seemed half a day, the Doctor phoned and I explained when I first noticed it, what it looked like and he prescribed Piriton as it is an antihystamine for heyfever and helps with allergies. I've taken this before and it makes me drowsy and gives me nightmares but if it would help I would take it again.

My Dad was a Nurse so I described the rash to him and he suggested as I'd had Chicken Pox as a 16 year old (caught from babysitting an unknowingly infected child) that it could be Shingles, so I started googling images and information about Shingles and sure enough my rash looked identical to photos of Shingles. I was quite worried a lot of people seemed to get it on their faces and it looks rather nasty but I was fortunate that it was only on my arms, elbows and tops of my legs. I did have a little bit on my stomach but not a lot.

Shingles are a rash that is from the Chicken Pox virus so everyone whose had Chicken Pox carries this virus on their bodies forever, it can surface at any time and it is due to problems with Nerves that causes an outbreak. Some say stress is a factor, I hadn't been under any stress so I don't know why it occurred but I guess I'd had a pretty good run. I hadn't had any repercussions from chicken pox since I contacted it in my teens.

My skin was feeling and looking dry and small dry flakes were starting to form around the sore of the rash so I decided I really needed something to help heal the rash, something that would hydrate my skin, something that wouldn't sting the rash and make it worse because it was already slightly tingling and itchy so I remembered the Weleda and reached for the box to see if there was anything that would make the rash sting if I used it. There wasn't that I could see so I applied a little bit to the rash on the back of my left hand and left it overnight as a test.

When I woke up the next day I noticed the redness of the rash in that part of my hand had eased and wasn't itchy so I showered and dried my skin and applied it all over my arms (where the rash was) and also on the breakout around my knees and elbows. 

The first day I applied it 3 times (morning, after lunch and before bed) and the next day I again noticed the redness had quietened down and it felt less itchy, so I repeated the process the next day and the next and the next and now I have just a minor bit of rash on my wrists, which is the place where it had a lot more rash and around my elbows too and I can see that it's getting better and I honestly believe it was because of Weleda's oil.

To see what other products Weleda make, or to order from them, please click here for their UK website.

I've been loving it so much, it has a really pleasant smell without being overpowering, and it was a generious sized bottle of 100ml which I received in a Glossybox so thanks to Glossybox I found a lovely new product I wish to repurchase because it sinks into your skin within a few minutes, it is an oil but it's not too greasy, you do need to let it sink in before wearing clothing over the area you applied the oil but it's super quick (I think it was under 10 minutes) on my skin. My skin soaked it up and all the under skin bumps which hadn't broken out are now gone too.

I don't want to show photos because like I said I still have some minor rash on the back of my hands and just above, around and below my knees but it is getting better, this oil has helped it considerably. The only other thing I'd been using to help the rash was Calamine lotion and I would dab that over the rash after applying and letting the oil sink into my skin. All the calamine did was stop the itch (sometimes) and I've pretty much used up a brand new bottle, which was 200ml. The Weleda bottle is 100ml I still have about 1/4 left and I love it so much I want to buy another bottle. I think I would limit (once the current bottle is empty) to using the new bottle maybe 2 to 3 times a week, but I think the generous 100ml of this product has done wonders for clearing up my Shingles, and my skin feels softer in general. I definitely used more product than the Calamine lotion, yet I still have a lot left.

Weleda is:
Dermatologically tested
Free of synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils
Products and ingredients are not tested on animals

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil is an indulgent body treatment that helps slow the aging process and renders your entire body smooth, firm and naturally beautiful. Antioxidant rich, organic pomegranate seed oil helps promote skin renewal and improve the firmness of your skin while actively protecting it from skin damaging free radicals. Organic macadamia nut and jojoba seed oils provide restorative moisture and essential nutrients, leaving your skin nurtured and protected against moisture loss. Regular use helps promote skin renewal -- for skin that looks as radiant and youthful as you feel.

100ml retails for between £15 and £22 on different websites. It might seem expensive for a body product, but like I said it works. It's a luxurious product and in my opinion some things are worth spending extra on because the benefits outweigh the price (for me).

Initially, I was really worried about applying an oil to my body, the only other oil I've ever applied was stupidly as a teen applying Johnson's Baby Oil or Reef's Coconut Oil to my entire body to get a tan, yes that's how stupid I was and the results of that was many, many times over a really bad case of Sunburn and one time after doing that I couldn't walk for 4 days because I was sunburnt behind my knees and for 10 days my skin felt on fire.

I would not hesitate in recommending this, honestly once you use it I think you'll see how great it is. I definitely think this is worth the money, it may not work for everyone but if you can get a sample I would definitely recommend trying it or if you want to buy a full size bottle just to try it out I'm sure you'll discover how soft it makes your skin after a few days.

Would I buy it again? Yes definitely.

Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely.

There is not one bad thing to say about this, except that it's called an Oil. I think the perception of an oil you immediately think very greasy, and yes its a bit greasy to start with after application but not once did it stain my clothing, it sinks into your skin within 5 to 10 minutes so that's pretty quick. Some self-tanners and other creams take more than 15-30 minutes to sink into your skin so in comparison 5-10 minutes isn't long.

My Skin type is Combination (dry but partly oily) and on the Sensitive skin side of things and I had no allergic reaction to it. I like how there aren't any Parabens and its not tested on animals which are both important factors to me. This product is also suitable for Vegans.

Did you receive this in your glossybox and have you used it?

I would like to hear from people who have used this product to let me know their thoughts about it. 

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