Monday, 5 September 2011

Chatham Shopping Haul

I spent my Sunday afternoon on a shopping trip, first taking a bus 1 hour away (which in a car would take about 20 minutes) but I didn't mind I got to see quite a lot of the back streets a few towns over from where I live and found a few places I didn't know existed like the Hollywood Bowl (restaurant) which looks pretty interesting and a few parks that I'd never knew about.

Upon arriving at The Pentagon (it's the genuine name of the shopping centre) in Chatham, Kent. I like to check in to my Foursquare account just so it says Karen's checked into The Pentagon lol, silly things like that amuse me.

 The first shop I went to was Store Twenty One and I love the shop in Sittingbourne but I didn't find anything vaguely of interest in the Chatham store so next I went into New Look and a few interesting things in there. The thing that caught my eye was they sell W7 polishes. I don't really like the clothes in New Look I think they are pricey and they seem never to have any clothing in my size. 

Then I walked past Dorothy Perkins. I've never shopped in that particular store before but a pair of shoes caught my eye in the window. I entered in the Burton entrance (which is Men's clothing section) and I was ready to leave but then I found tucked away in a corner an escalator up to Dorothy Perkins and the first thing I see is this gorgeous shift dress.

Multi Tile Shift Print Dress £38.00

Item code: 07576210

 I went through a pile of these opposite the top of the escalator and the biggest size is a 14.  I searched the entire store and that was all the stock they had. 

One of the salegirl's tried phoning the Sittingbourne store for me, but apparently they don't open on a Sunday (which I didn't know) or maybe it was just this particular day they were closed. I thanked the salesgirl for her help and decided to order it online when I get home. 

I missed out on another dress in Spring that was a multicoloured pattern because I thought I'd wait for a Sale, the sale arrived but it sold out in my size. I didn't want it to happen again with this dress. It has a bow in the back and would sit just above or on my knee. I can see myself wearing this with tights or maybe Jeggings and my ASOS shoe boots in Black. If it was cold outside I'd wear a cable knit cardigan with it.
Colourblock Shift Dress

Item code: 07563110
I browsed the sales rack. I didn't hold out much hope for anything in my size but it doesn't hurt to look. Tucked in between a size 8 and a size 16 I found this dress:

The picture of this dress online is misleading because it's Orange at the top, the waste is Red and then the bottom is Beige. In this picture the dress looks Red and White but it's not. It was £35.00 marked down to £22.00 and then at the till the lady turned over the sales tag and it was marked at £15.00. Bargain! It has a long zipper down the back.

Then I went to the Jewellery and Accessories section and found these:

Item code: 49806236

It's a crystal/glass Lariat necklace and it was £9.50. The Petrol blue version is stunning but it was £12.50 and I figured the crystal/glass one would suit the dress I'd just bought and the clothing in my wardrobe. I might go back, or order the Petrol Blue one because I really thought it was stunning. I regret not buying it, but I'm trying not to buy two of the same thing because I do that often and I'm trying to get out of the habit of doing so.

Stone Crystal Filigree Pendant £15.00  

Item code: 49807424


This was hanging up in front of another dress which caught my eye, but sadly again none available in my size but I love this necklace and it'll go with my existing clothes too.

Next I went into TK Maxx, which had moved since the last time I was there (I can't remember when that was). In it's place is now a Primark store for Men with a Primark store for Women and Home Decor next to it. So I wandered down the Mall and to the new shop location and browsed the many aisle's of bags. I found a really nice Osprey bag but it was £80.00 which is totally worth every penny but I'd be blogging a big part of money on one item and I liked it but I wasn't in love with it. I saw so many creams and potions had been opened and sampled which is awful, they're not testers people! I wish TK Maxx would crackdown on people who open the boxes, they ruin the products. I don't buy anything that's not still security sealed.

It was along a shelf when your queuing for the checkout that I found this:

Karen Millen White Multi-Dial Watch it was in a gorgeous black box and the price tag said £110.00 but a sticker below that said £24.95! I looked at another one in a similar box but it wasn't as nice as this one.  The Lady at TK Maxx said I had 7 or 14 days to exchange it, but I don't think I will. However, there's one minor flaw which I didn't notice until I arrived home, but I don't mind,  it's barely noticeable. The flaw is the tiniest scratch on the white rim and you can only see it when it's at a certain angle in the light.

I then went and ate a late lunch and spent 30 minutes resting sitting down checking my phone for email and playing Words For Friends and then I decided next stop was Debenhams. I didn't hold out much hope they'd have the bag and purse I saw on Saturday online but I'd never been to this Debenhams before so I thought it was worth a look, on approach to the store in the window I saw the bag I wanted, there were two hanging up in the window on racks so I went straight there and checked out both the bags for signs of damage, there are so many people with sticky fingers (the people who destroy the items in TK Maxx) so I wasn't going to get the bag without inspecting it and then I found the matching purse/wallet and paid for them. I thought about nipping into Costa for a drink but decided to start making my way back to the bus station I didn't know when the next bus was due.

If I'd had time I would've liked to have gone into Primark but I'd spent enough money, it was getting late too and I wanted to get home and relax.

If you want to see my handbag and matching purse click here because I wrote a separate blogpost for them (before I decided to do one for these things).

If you can't tell, I'm having an excellent shopping day. I can take my time and go into any shop (Chatham Pentagon and High Street) is pretty good. The only new shops I'd like to see in Chatham are Lush, Topshop and an H & M but that's probably never going to happen.

I feel sometimes going shopping with friends you go into shops you're not interested in more than you get to go into shops you want to look at or you spend too much time chatting, but that depends on where it is and which friend you're with. I do like shopping with friends :-)

Please let me know if you want to know anything about any of these items.

Have a great day!

All of these things were purchased with my own money.

p.s when I got home I ordered the first dress online and it should arrive tomorrow.

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