Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection (Winter) 2011

Essie's released their Winter collection of polishes in the US and it's soon to be released in the UK called "Cocktail Bling". They also have two other new collections coming called "Dive Bar" and "Luxeffects", more on these collections later.

I tried to find out information about Cocktail Bling on Essie's website, but the most current up-to-date information is about their Autumn/Fall Collection called Carry On, which I wrote about here so I don't know why they've not added the Winter or two new collections to their website, yet. I only knew of Cocktail Bling because one of my youtuber friend's named Rachel, showed School of Hard Rocks in one of her haul videos. Click here for Rachel's YouTube channel.

My source of information for the purpose of this blogpost is amazon.com

The colours from left to right are:

Cocktail Bling, Brooch the Subject, Bangle Jangle, School of Hard Rocks, Size Matters and Bobbing for Baubles. 

I'm really loving Essie at the moment. I've already purchased three shades from the Carry On Collection called Glamour Purse, Lady Like and Case Study.

I think the Essie formulations have improved and although they're still called Essie, I believe (from what I've heard from a few US youtuber's), Essie's been bought out by L'Oreal, but will keep the Essie brand name. I don't know if that's true but either way, I hope they continue to do what they do best. Their past two collections have (I felt) stepped up and Essie are fast becoming one of my fave brands of polish, along with China Glaze and OPI.

I'd probably buy Bangle Jangle, School of Hard Rocks and Bobbing For Baubles and whilst I don't own many Red polishes I like the look of Size Matters and I think it'd be gorgeous on a cold Winter's day or evening out when you're a girl about town dressed in black, navy blue, or grey and it'd give you a nice pop of colour to cheer you up. I like that Essie have started using playful names for their polishes.

Do any of the Cocktail Bling shades scream you're name?

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