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How to Re-Purpose Empty Beauty Boxes

I mentioned this in my September Glossybox video last week (suggestions on what to re-use empty beauty boxes for) to give you extra storage.

Today, I thought I'd blog it too because it may be of interest to those who are not quite sure what to do with the empty boxes, please don't throw them away because they can be decorated and re-purposed for so many different things. 

If you really don't want to keep them, please make sure you dispose of them in your paper and cardboard recycling bins.

Here's a few ideas for re-purposing the boxes:

1. Keep the boxes as they are (after emptying contents) and wipe inside with a slightly damp cloth just to make sure there's nothing in there that could give the contents of your new box an unwelcome smell and wipe away any dust that might be at the bottom, then wipe dry with paper towel and leave to dry. 

Note: Remember it's cardboard so don't wet the cloth too much.

Pamper Yourself

You could store jewellery, hair accessories, nail files, cotton balls, cuetips, nail clippers, manicure set, makeup wipes and odds and ends in each box and stack them.

Feeling creative? then why not use some old wrapping paper you have in your cupboard. Simply use a pot of glue and cut the paper to measure or if it has shapes in the paper eg leaves, flowers, jewels cut around the shape and stick randomly all over the lid and box or carefully place maybe one big design on the lid and around the box cut some ribbon and add a gift wrapping bow.

In this box you could store bathroom products eg balt salts, bath scrubs, hair accessories, sachets of shampoo and conditioner, or body lotions etc. either keep the box original (Pink) or decorated and place on your bathroom shelves or in your bedroom on top of a vanity, dressing table, chest of drawers and stack them.

2. Re-purpose the box for someone's birthday present, or use them to wrap up with gifts this Christmas.

Decorate with Birthday or Christmas paper or go all out and use a pretty foil wrapping paper, add some glitter to the lid, a ribbon, a bow or a candy cane to make it really pretty and include in the box a nice handmade present, eg homemade christmas shaped chocolates, homemade shortbread biscuits, christmas shaped cookies/biscuits wrapped in tissue paper, or why not make small bath ballistics, bars of soap, candles, organic bath scrubs in tiny pots, a homemade face mask etc. and give this gift to a special lady in your life eg. Mum, Sister, Cousin, Mother in Law, Friend.  If you have a steady hand write the person's name on the lid with a Caligraphy pen to personalise.

3. For the Man in your life

You could decorate and re-purpose one or more of these boxes to store cufflinks, tie pins, money clips, handkerchiefs, belts, spare shoe laces, combs etc.  maybe it could even be an extra sock draw or used in an overnight bag or in a suitcase whilst traveling to keep very small things organised.

4. For the Child in your life

Decorate and use for little girls jewellery, hair ribbons, pony tail ties, hair bobbles, combs, handkerchiefs, frilly socks, lip balms etc.

5. For your Neighbour, Work Colleague, Friend

Decorate the boxes according to gender or colours or if they're pet owners find a sticker of their particular dog or cat breed and put it on the lid, use a Caligraphy pen to write their name on the lid or write little phrases or maybe a Poem they like.

Fill the box with homemade Christmas shaped cookies, biscuits, shortbread, chestnuts, macadamia nuts, Christmas shaped homemade chocolates, truffles etc. wrap individually in tissue paper or use silk-tie bags you can buy from party shops and stationers. Look for the sort of bag you would use for wedding bonbonaires.

You could also fill the box with homemade bath goodies (as mentioned above) instead of using wrapping paper for each item why not lay on shredded paper, or decorative rose petals. Maybe a box could be filled with treats for their feet, like toe separators, nail clippers, a small pot of foot scrub and foot lotion, a packet of dead sea salts for a footbath etc.

These are just a few examples, you can re-purpose the boxes for many things.  

Use the boxes to store makeup brushes, makeup, nail polish (with the nail polish you would have to lay the bottles down, which may not be a good idea, some of my cheap polishes have separated) if that happens rub the bottle between your hands to correct. I don't believe in shaking polishes. I've been told not to do that by a Manicurist.

You could also store delicate lingerie in the boxes or if your knitting a scarf or gloves for a friend or relative for Winter, Christmas, Birthday then give them the present in one of your re-purposed and hand-decorated boxes.

I wish I had a few examples to show you, but I haven't gotten around to doing any of this yet. I usually start to feel creative in October when I make my own Christmas cards and start thinking about presents for my family which I need to send home to Australia in November (to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas). 

Put you're thinking caps on and you can come up with your own ideas on how to reuse and re-purpose the boxes. If you have kids why not give them a box each and supervise the decoration. They could either give the box with a present in it to their friend, or their teacher for the end of school year etc.

You could also use the boxes for storing craft supplies, knitting tools etc. or if you make your own jewellery or like to alter clothing you could use the boxes for storing embellishing jewels, studs, crystals, fabric tattoos, fabric scissors, cotton reels, cabochans, jewellery wire, clasps, beads etc.

At the moment I have 3 empty glossyboxes and 1 boudoir prive box so I'm storing blushes in one box, foundation, face primer and mascara in another and the other boxes are for lipsticks and spare makeup brushes. In the new few weeks I'll try and decorate a few boxes to show you what I've done and how it looks with things in them.

The are absolutely so many things they can be used for! The boxes are very good quality, sturdy so why pay for giftboxes when you have these boxes lying around? 

Save yourself money and re-use or re-purpose old beauty boxes.

When I googled to see if anyone else had ideas for re-using beauty boxes I came across this blog on Birchbox from one of their Subscribers named Liz Marie, and in her post she shows what she used her boxes for: makeup, recipe cards, jewellery etc. You can read her guest blogpost here and she's included some nice pictures too. This website shows you how to re-use wedding favour boxes (smaller boxes but same principle) and there's also blogposts on redecorating old jewellery boxes.

Re-purpose old Birchbox, Boudoir Prive, Feel Unique, Glossybox, Loosebutton and LustHaveIt boxes or any other beauty boxes out there!

Looking for ideas on recycling? I use this website constantly for inspiration and tips, it's called Recycle This, please click here.

If you've started doing this already and want to show me what you've done, please TwitPic you're pictures. I'd love to see them. Tweet me @aussiegirlblogs on Twitter.

Happy Decorating, Gifting and/or Re-purposing!

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