Monday, 5 September 2011

Julien MacDonald "Ellen" Frill Bag and Purse

If you follow my blog or my tweets, you'll have heard me mention a few times
I'm not buying makeup because I'm on a Project X Pan, but I've recently
rediscovered my love of handbags.

I wear a lot of black, purple and navy and also patent, moc croc and shiny are
my favourites too. The bag design, the colour, material and the
purse ticked all the right boxes!

The handbag is called the "Ellen" Frill and it's part of the Julien MacDonald STAR
range and it's £45.00 and the matching Ellen Frill purse/wallet is £20.00!

I saw it online on Saturday and I thought about buying it online, but
I wanted to buy it myself instead of buying it online (unless I had to).

I didn't think my Debenhams (which is small) would stock it, but I thought
(seeing as I was in town shopping at Dorothy Perkins, Primark and TK Maxx)
that I'd pop in and see. Fortunately, it was hanging in the window when
I approached the store, there were only two and also two of the matching
purses/wallets so I chose one each. Total: £65.00.

I had no idea Julien MacDonald had created an affordable range for Debenhams.
There's another bag I liked in black and white called Charlotte here,
but I decided because I'd seen the purple and black first and it's meant for
Autumn/Winter, the Ellen was more wearable.

I hope you like it, please check out the STAR range if your looking for
a pretty and affordable new Designer bag!

This bag and purse have now been reduced (just 24 hours after I buy them)!

The bag's now £36.00 (was £45.00) and the purse/wallet is £16.00 (was £20.00).

If I had known it was being reduced I could've used the £14 saving on
buying something at the Debenhams Benefit Counter. It would be nice if
Debenhams would give me a £14.00 refund/store credit. It won't hurt
to ask, but I'm prepared for them to say No.

All items bought with my own money.
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