Sunday, 11 September 2011

Missoni for Target

I've just been reading about the new Missoni collection available at Target (US) on and I'm so jealous because I love Missoni so I'm gutted I probably won't be able to get anything from the Target collection.

This is just one of the things I'm sad to be missing out on.

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I really wanted a pair of Missoni Havaianas this UK Summer, but I just couldn't justify buying them because I already had two brand new pairs of Havaianas to wear, which I'd bought in January and February during my visit home during Australian Summer.

It's times like this that living in the UK and not having access to Target really sucks! They have them in Australia too so if I was there I'd probably be able to get some Missoni items.

Target should open European stores! We have ASDA, which is essentially part of the Walmart family. Why can't we have Target stores too?

I almost shed a tear seeing what I'd be missing out on in this collection. If you'd like to see it and read about it in full, please click here to read it on

I must thank for posting it on their blog. It made me decide to head over to Fashionista to read/see the full Collection where I subscribed to using Bloglovin, which is my fave way of keeping track of all the blogs I'm following.

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