Friday, 2 September 2011

Morning Burst by Clean and Clear

If you've followed my blog for a little while you'll know that I bought the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and Facial Wash and I've been using this daily since. You can read my initial blogpost about it here.

Each morning I start with the Facial Cleanser and lightly spread it around my face, neck and decolletage and work into the skin softly to exfoliate. I rinse with warm water and apply the Facial Wash and repeat the method.

Of the two products I find the Facial Wash to be the one that invigorates me with its very pleasant smell of Ginseng and it contains Vitamin C which is nice.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about the Morning Glow Moisturiser. It wasn't near the other two products when I bought them in Superdrug so I've just been using a normal day moisturiser after cleansing my face and before applying primer and makeup.

I definitely want to try the Moisturiser and I'll be going to the Superdrug tomorrow to get one. I like 3 step systems and I'm thinking I might make the routine a twice a day thing, although the once a day step (usually in the morning after showering and breakfast) seems to be working well, but in the past three days I've had a few spots appear near my nose (no fault of the product) I've been eating crisps (chips) lately.

I like these products very much but I'm going to try the Morning Energy Brightening range once these bottles are empty and I figure that'll be in another maybe 15-20 days time.  Of course I'll compare it to the Morning Burst range and let you know which one I like best.

Kicking myself because I should've included the facial cleanser and facial wash in my August favourites!

I don't know if Superdrug still has it on offer but I bought both bottles for £4.99 normally £3.49 each so if you want to try them, look for the offer in Superdrug but still at £3.49 each if they aren't on offer it's good value and the products work on my skin without drying it out and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without that stripped or tight, dry feeling.

Would you try the new Clean and Clear range?

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