Thursday, 15 September 2011

Have you ever wanted to buy from US sites only to find that they ship within the US, or Canada?

Now there's a way to get around that with a site I read about called MYUS. I heard about it in an article written by Alexandra Smith from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH is a Sydney newspaper in my home city in Australia). Read the article about MYUS here.

MYUS is a US based package forwarding Company and it's quite simple - sign-up and create an account and then complete the required shipping/delivery and billing information and you can start shopping straight away!

I signed-up for the Free option, which costs US10.00 and when my packages arrive at MYUS they'll debit my credit card for the shipping/delivery cost to send the package(s) to the UK. There are other accounts for the more frequent shopper's.

When you sign-up you'll get a US address to have your packages sent to you, which MYUS will then forward to the delivery address you nominate in you're account. They'll ship to many Countries so check out the information to make sure your home Country is included. 

They currently ship to over 200 Countries!

I'm just trialling it at the moment, hence not wanting to commit to a monthly membership fee. I have a buy occasional account, where my packages are sent to my MYUS address and MYUS then forward the parcel to me in the UK, you also will get a Personal Shopper who gives you his/her details in an email to reach them for any questions, or help you may need.

I'm not recommending them right now because it's a new service to me, but I wanted to let you know about it. I will of course write a proper review once the three retailers I've bought items from and my parcels are received in the UK, which I anticipate will be arriving by mid October at the latest.

If you're not sure you'd use a Service like this regularly, signup for the US10.00 one-off option, read up all the information on all the types of memberships they have.

You can find MYUS are also on Facebook here, and Twitter here.

I'm really looking forward to letting you know how I find this service, but I'll leave that until after my packages have arrived. 

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about it, but as I'm new, it may be better to ask their Customer Service before you decide to sign-up. I'm sure they have a frequently asked questions area and also provide a lot of information before you sign-up. I read all the information relevant to the type of sign-up I was after and it was quite clear to me what I was signing up for as a one-off charge. I just have to pay for my parcel's to be shipped to me and they debit my credit card for this purpose only.

If you want to buy from a US site that won't allow eg payment using a UK credit card, contact your personal shopper, you get the information after you sign-up along with your MYUS shipping/delivery address and phone number and they can place an order for you and you authorise them to debit your card for the transactions and delivery charges. 

Quite frankly this service is a fantastic idea and I'm really excited to be able to shop from US sites and have my parcel's delivered to MYUS address and have them forward them to me in the UK. As you know makeup and other things are much cheaper in the US so it's worth it, even if you use this service once a year, but I know I'll be using it more than that because it's so easy to use and the savings are incredible.

If you'd like to read more or sign-up, click on the above picture to go to

MYUS have kindly offered a 15% discount offer to subscribers and readers who sign-up via this link, and it's only on you're first shipment - for first time members!

Or you can sign-up by clicking on the banner in the top right hand corner on the main page of my blog, which is an Affiliate link, when you're ready (note: the affiliate link doesn't have the 15% discount Offer).

Happy Shopping!

*I'm not being paid by MYUS to blog about their Service, but they kindly offered a 15% discount Offer for my readers who become new Members of Thankyou MYUS.
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