Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV has arrived at Debenhams and House of Fraser in the UK but is it all that it's cracked up to be?

I've not bought it myself - this is my opinion and it's based on watching 4 youtubers reviewing them and they all said the shadows are disappointing and they would rather less money had been spent on the gimmick side of things with the speaker box, mobile phone holder etc and more quality put into the eyeshadows and I have to agree.

If I was buying this seeing how poor most of the eyeshadows are then I'd be annoyed!

In the US this was being sold for US$60.00 and in the UK it's £46.00, which is a lot of money. Ok you get a mini primer potion, an eye pencil and a mascara with the 16 eyeshadows, but how many people would hook it up to the speaker and watch the tutorials? There are still a lot of people who don't want, don't have the financial means to own a smartphone and this is where the **BOS IV falls short as well as the poor pigmentation of the Blue Bus, Crystal, Hijack and Bust shadows.


If you want to buy this, it's your money and you can spend it on what you like, my point is, if you're going to buy this please, please, please swatch this before buying, especially the shadows I've mentioned because those are the ones which aren't the best in this palette. Again, I don't own it/haven't swatched it, but I won't be buying it and this blogpost is written honestly after watching 4 youtube reviews where the same people had the same problems with the same 4 eyeshadows!

I don't dislike *UD and I'm not bagging them because I happen to think most of their products are pretty good, if not amazing I'm just saying I think BOS IV is a badly executed product and I'd rather have the money spent on the shadows than a speaker box and tutorials and extra bits like an eye pencil, mascara and a mini eye primer. 

In my opinion, I think the better UD palettes are the 15th Anniversary palette (£39.00 each) which I own, or if you're more a Neutral shadow girl then go for the Naked palette (£35.00 each) because both of these palettes are much cheaper and the quality is excellent. I don't own the Naked palette but I've seen so many great reviews on this and read so many blogposts about it to know that those reviews are honest and if I was more a neutral shade love, then I'd buy it also.

I don't want to dissuade anyone from buying this if they truly have their heart set on it. I know how it feels for someone to come along and say mean things about it. I just want you to be sure you all try it out before buying, make sure you're 100% happy parting with you're money on this product.
I also don't want to bag out any beauty blogger whose in the position to be sent any products for free but I do have a problem when they first say they don't like certain things about it, then say it's pricey, then say how great it is and they received it before it's available - failing to mention it was gifted, which you can pretty much workout that it was, because they had it in advance of the release!

Also on a particular blog (I'm not saying which) but every single post recently - everything has been gifted, these kinds of blogs lead me to believe the blogger isn't being honest with the review and they're being paid or given things for free, and whilst we don't have to reveal these things in the UK, I think it's deceptive to not mention when something is gifted for review purposes and I think it's also annoying when you read blogpost after blogpost about a gifted item - it's like a giant advertising site!

Of course the blogger is going to, for the most part, not want to offend the company, brand that sent them the product for review and to say it's pricey - well Miss you didn't pay for it, would you have the same opinion had you forked out the cash about this palette?
My rant is over please just be careful and swatch, swatch, swatch this palette, put a lot of thought into it. If in store check the two other UD palettes I mention and compare the quality of the shadows to BOS IV and I'm sure you'll agree that the other two palettes the quality is better, also better value for money and less gimmicky!

If you buy BOS IV and love it, please tell me why and what you honestly think of the shadows I said were poorly rated on youtube: Blue Bus, Crystal, Hijack and Bust.

Again this is my opinion based on some youtube reviews, if you don't like what I've had to say about BOS IV we are both entitled to an opinion and I'm not saying mine is right I'm just saying that I've heard not so great things about it and I suggest swatching, investigating, researching, really thinking about do you want to spend that much money on something like that or go with other palettes that are better quality, have had so many more positive reviews or save you're money.

I would be upset, if someone buys this palette without swatching it themselves and then feels awful because they parted with £46.00 of hard-earned cash.

* Urban Decay
** Book of Shadows
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