Monday, 3 October 2011


Good Morning,

I've just found out lots of other bloggers are aiming to blog everyday and are calling it "Blogtober". As this is my first year of blogging I'm trying to experience lots of new things - and this sounds like a lot of fun.

As you know, I participated in VEDA (vlog everyday in August) for the most part. I think blogging everyday will be a lot easier as there isn't lots of film to go through to edit, then wait whilst it renders and wait hours for it to upload.

Initially, I thought I'd aim to blog here everyday but I do that regularly anyway so I'm going to use Tumblr a lot more this month. I find it quicker because I don't have to write a lot and I like to let the picture speak for itself.

If your not familiar with my Tumblr account, please click to:

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Have a lovely day!

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