Monday, 10 October 2011

The Dorothy Perkins Mid-Season Sale

The Dorothy Perkins mid-season sale has started with up to 50% Off.

Because the Sale started early this morning, I've managed to snap up some bargains!

Colour Block Ponte Dress (pink and nude

Item code : 07571101 

Was £30 reduced to £7.00!

I'm not too sure about the pink of this dress, but it's long sleeve and I'm really into the colour block style and for just £7.00 I couldn't resist!

White Broderie Trim Skirt 

Item Code: 03306900 

Was £25.00 reduced to £7.00!

I'd been looking at buying this skirt for a couple of weeks but I'd bought other things during September and earlier this month eg Primark, TK Maxx, The Body Shop, MUA etc. For £7.00 - maybe I should've bought two!

About 1 hour after ordering I went back to the site to order another skirt, but it's now sold out in my size. I hope I've managed to get this in my original order.

Green Color Block Dress (with black and cream)

Item Code: 07965801

Was £30 reduced to £17.00!

I'd again been looking at this dress online and in-store for weeks. I couldn't decide between the green or the rust, both of which aren't my go to colours but I really like the colour block style and these are cute. Because they were now on-sale and I'd managed to grab two things for £7.00 each I decided to buy both because there's still a good saving off the full price and if I'd hesitated I know I'd want to buy either one, or both and they'd be sold out in my size. I've let that happen too many times in the past.

Rust Colour Block Dress (with black and cream)

Item Code: 07965851 

Was £30.00 reduced to £20.00!
I think these dresses would look pretty with a cardigan or blazer/jacket and tights to wear in Autumn/Fall/Winter. I saved £64.00 (if I had paid full price for all of these items). The shipping today was £4.00 for standard delivery, but for £1.00 extra I chose to receive delivery tomorrow. I can't wait to show you and I'll do another Haul.

I don't know how long this sale will last and there's quite a lot of sizing at the moment but during today and tomorrow I'm sure that stock is going to sell out fast so if you see something you want, you should treat yourself - even if its one thing.

If you buy anything in the sale I'd like to know what you bought, please comment below and if you can include a link to a photo and/or tweet a picture to me on Twitter @aussiegirlblogs

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