Wednesday, 12 October 2011

National Chocolate Week (10 to 16th October 2011)

Trust Us, It’s Good For You!

National Chocolate Week is the 10th-16th October 2011so for all chocoholics out there who would like nothing better than to indulge, but don’t want the calories going straight to their hips, then look no further.  Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has enough chocolate-based products to give you your fix, but also leave you looking and feeling fantastic.
Chocolate comes from the cocoa beans produced by the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao – ‘food of the gods’), which is native to tropical America.  However, it is now cultivated in China, Africa, Brazil and Guatemala and many others.

An ingredient with a long and rich history; it is in fact to the Aztecs that we owe our knowledge of the amazing Cacao tree.  Cocoa absolute is extracted by solvent extraction. The absolute is very thick and dark brown, and it has a rich, dark chocolate aroma.  We use it in our product perfumes, flavours and fine fragrances.

We use many ingredients derived from the cocoa bean because they are so beneficial and inspiring. Cocoa butter forms the base of our massage bars such as our delicious
NEW Friends with Benefits massage bar (£6.50 for 65g). A sexy massage bar with a delicious chocolate orange scent, this one is for enjoying with your very best friends.  We’ve always thought that tagetes (the essential oil from African marigolds) has a slight chocolate note to it, so we’ve blended it with our lovely fair trade organic cocoa butter, which has its own strong chocolate scent. The result is a massage bar with benefits, as tagetes oil is incredibly healing and soothing on the skin. Our organic cocoa butter is fair trade, as we like our friends to benefit from a fair price for the hard work they do making our ingredients. There’s also shea butter to deeply moisturise and leave skin soft and smooth. 

Cocoa powder used in many of our emulsions, such as our
Cupcake facemask (£5.50 for 75g), is also derived from the cocoa bean. Cupcake also contains deep cleansing Rhassoul mud to absorb excess oils on the skin, Fair Trade cocoa butter to moisturize and soften and spearmint and peppermint oils to gently stimulate. (As bought by Mischa Barton)Other de-lush-ious chocolate-based products include … 

Double Choc lip tint (£5.25) contains delicious real dark chocolate making it one of the tastiest and most beneficial balms available.  There’s also black treacle, cocoa and icing sugar to leave lips feeling super soft and tasting delicious.  Double Choc also has a rich deep colour, leaving lips with a natural, earthy tint … the colour of the season!  Lush’s tinted lip balms can be used on cheeks as a cream blusher too.

Soft Coeur massage bar (£4.50 for 30g) Heart shaped and deliciously chocolatey. Made from fair trade, organic cocoa butter and shea butter, melt this heart to find the soft, molten chocolate centre.  Best-seller. (Bought by Andie McDowell)


Mange Too massage bar (£6.50 for 100g) a blend of white chocolate, honey and fresh bananas, with softening and moisturising fair trade cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter.  This hexagonal bar will melt into the skin leaving a sweet, caramac scent you might be tempted to lick clean.

Ma Bar bubble bar (£2.50) ... An irresistible toffee and chocolate bubble bar.  Containing calming bergamot oil and de-stressing orange oil. Best-seller.

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