Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sweet Valley High Confidential

I grew up reading Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High so I'm really excited to read what the twins are up to now. The new book takes place 10 years after the last story but in reality (I'm sure) it's been more like 20 or 25 years. I collected the SVH books and read them over my Summer holidays and dreamt I had a twin, I was blonde and pretty and popular and a hot boyfriend who drove me to the Mall in his Porsche.

The UK paperback has a different cover (the above is the US Hardback edition).

Here's a link to what Sweet Valley High is about.

Here's the link to buy the paperback from Amazon UK and it costs £4.19 plus postage.

I just wanted to let you know that this has been released. I knew about its release earlier this year but I can't remember how I found out and I had forgotten about it until Pan MacMillan sent me an email about it today.

Did you read this teen fiction and/or watch the Sweet Valley High tv show?, which stared twin actresses Brittany and Elizabeth Daniel? You may remember Brittany Daniel was in the Basketball Diaries as Blinkie with Leonardo Di Caprio.

I'm also really excited by new books in Spring next year!


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