Sunday, 9 October 2011

World Porridge Day - Monday 10th October 2011

LUSH are celebrating World Porridge Day with three of their Porridge products.

Goldilocks knew only too well just how good porridge is when she managed to eat all three bowls. But did she know the trusty oat is great for outside the body too? Helen Ambrosen, Lush Co-Founder and Product Inventor knows how fantastic and beneficial oats are for the skin, "Oats are nourishing, cleansing, softening and extremely calming for irritated skins. They are great to bathe in. Oates soaked in water creates a lovely milk which is exceptionally soothing and cleansing for the skin, it gently degreases and exfoliates."
With so much natural goodness, what better way to celebrate World Porridge Day on Monday 10th October than with these beautiful oat based products from LUSH...

Feed the face... with Lush's Oatifix fresh facemask (£4.95 for 75g). Crammed full of nourishing oatmeal, often used to treat conditions like eczema and dry skin, oats also help to externally draw toxins from inflammations and ease itchiness. Their starchiness also helps the skin to absorb moisture - perfect for keeping it soft and supple during the cold winter months. Also containing ground almonds to gently exfoliate, mashed bananas to soften and lock in moisture and illipe butter to help reduce redness.

Cleanse the body... Porridge (£2.65 per 100g) is a gentle soap that really helps to care for the skin as it cleans. As previously mentioned, when the oats mix with warm water they create a soothing milk that softens the entire body. With pinhead oatmeal adding a fantastic texture, Porridge soap also acts as a gentle exfoliant leaving skin smooth.

Calm the skin.... For skin that needs a moment of calm try Ceridwens Couldron (£3.99 for 80g). This magical, relaxing bath melt made with a blend of cocoa butter and walnut oil, melts into the bathwater leaving a muslin bag full of whole oats that can be used to soothe and gently scrub the skin. A lovely treat on a cold winters night and great for all those bathing Cleopatra's out there.

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