Sunday, 13 November 2011

Beauty Box Products / Storage Solutions

Last month I ended up being Subscribed to 5 Beauty Boxes!

Last week I started feeling very guilty about it - it's easily £50.00+ a month but I was trying to find the best box for me. Having a major attack of the guilts, I decided to drop 2 boxes, which weren't really giving me the same kind of excitment as the others.
The first box to be cancelled was Boudoir Prive. There's only been about 5 or 6 things in 4 boxes that have had brands I wanted to try. eg Zoya and Caudelie. Pretty much everything else is very high end French products, which I could never afford to buy and don't get me started on one month's box that had everything in mini size!

The second box to go even (though I'd only received 1 box) was Birchbox. It ended up costing me £7.50 for 1 box and then MYUS DHL courier charge cost £22.00 from Florida. I wasn't too fussed with the October box contents but I thought I should give it more time, but the more I thought about it I just felt it had to go because it would cost £30 a month on just one box. It's a shame because I'd like to have kept that subscription to see if it improved. The one thing I did get in the October box that I really wanted to try was a Laura Geller product and they included "Spackle" which is a tinted primer with shimmer (it might be a bit dark for me but I'll try mixing it with a white moisturiser) and I'll let you know when I've used it for a while and what I thought. I reviewed the Birchbox here.

I got to thinking how am I going to store everything from the beauty boxes I've received. I'm running out of storage for normal everyday things - how and where was I going to store all these samples and full size products? Luckily, I had kept two Body Shop brown paper bags from a couple of online orders and I split everything which I haven't already started using into the two brown bags.

These photos are the contents of just one of the bags, let's call it Bag No. 1:

 (above) Caudalie, Lancome, Balance Me, Clarins, Weleda,
Trind, KMS and Ahava and a few scattered sachet samples

 (above) Caudalie, Lancome, Batiste, Weleda, Perles de Lalique,
BioEffects, Ahava and Daniel Sandler

 (above) Bloom Teas, Agent Provocateur, Leighton Denny, TIGI Catwalk,
OPI, Nicole by OPI, Zoya, Simple, Kerastase and Crabtree & Evelyn

(above) Burberry, Agent Provocateur, Simple, Leighton Denny, OPI,
Bliss, Jane Iredale, ORIBE, Deadsea Spa Magik and Nutura Organics

Everything from Bag No. 1 spread all over a blanket on top of my bed

Seeing everything like this I knew I'd have to do something about it so I set myself a new Challenge and that challenge is to use all the products I have collected and placed into bag no. 1. Considering I have received 5 Glossyboxes, 5 Boudoir Prive boxes, 1 Birchbox, 1 LustHaveIt Box and 2 Feel Unique Boxes I have a tonne of products that I haven't started using right away and I have used maybe 2 or 3 of the full size products (which are in my bathroom and not included in this stash). I've used up an entire Bottle of the Weleda Regenerative Pomegranate Body Oil from a Glossybox and I've since repurchased another bottle on Ebay (pictured above) I wanted to show you that it was a fullsize product from a Glossybox but it's not the initial bottle.

The first thing I decided to start using from bag no. 1 (even though I have three intensive hair conditoning treatments currently open) is the Sacha Juan Hair Conditioner which isn't pictured above because I took it out of the bag before deciding to blogpost this and you can read my review on the Sacha Juan Hair Conditioner (coming soon).

I'm currently also using from the above stash: Urban Rituelle Organic Hand Cream, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, Burberry's Body perfume, Trind Nail Repair Strengthener, ORIBE shampoo and conditioner and the Simple Protecting Lip Balm.

I apologise this is long winded but I wanted to show you how much I've accumulated so you can see why I needed to do something about it. Bag No. 1 is happily sitting in my bathroom and I'll keep checking it on a daily basis and use when things I'm currently using have run out. If I have anything I know I won't use I'll tweet about it and see if anyone's interested in a Swap.

If you have solved your storage solution please let me know where you bought your storage boxes etc. I looked at Ikea but things were too plastic. I think I'm going to buy a second Cupcake desk organiser which a couple of girls on twitter told me about (sorry I can't remember your names) but this is what I have and I need another one.

I bought this at W H Smith in May or June I think and it's very handy but things have slowly started to be put in front of the drawers eg body sprays, perfumes etc so I have to keep moving things to get things out of the drawers. I want to buy a big box to put all my makeup palettes in there so I can use different ones and not keep reaching for the small ones in my makeup bags. Two of my bigger palettes are in the bottom draw.

I hope that I have solved the storage problem (if I can get another one of these organisers) and a large box for the palettes.

Are you facing the same problem as me? Undecided on which product to use first? Lack of storage or are there some of these products you can't see yourself using and what have you done with them?

Would you like me to write a blogpost and include photos for Bag No. 2?

This week I'll be decorating some of the empty beauty boxes which I'm planning to use for storage and a few of the boxes are being decorated for Christmas and are being sent back home to Australia containing a few small Christmas gifts. I think the boxes are very sturdy and would withstand the postal system provided I use bubblewrap too which I fully intend to do. Please let me know if you would like to see photos of the decorated beauty boxes? I won't get around to doing that craft project until the end of the week I'd say so please let me know and I'll plan to get things together on Wednesday. I'll see if I can actually film a little video of everything I'll be using to decorate the boxes and take photos along the way.

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