Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Black Friday 2011 (UK)

Edited: 22/11/11 at 4:30pm

NYX Cosmetics are also participating!

In the past few days I've heard quite a bit about Black Friday, so firstly I decided to find out exactly what Black Friday is (it sounds rather gloomy). I checked Wikipedia and discovered Black Friday is usually the day after Thanksgiving in the US and officially marks the opening of Sales leading up to Christmas. It's the same as the UK and Australia's traditional Boxing Day Sales - but Black Friday's in November!

Here are some online Sales I found (UK):

Amazon's Black Friday started 21st November and runs through to 25th November!

Comet will start a 5 Day Frenzy in 3 days!

Apple UK has a 1 day Shopping Event on 25th November! (online only).

I've also read retailers will have sales on Nintendo Wii's, XBoxes, Sony and Sharp tv's, BluRay players, Kenwood appliances, iPads, Tablets, Computers and more. Click here for more information.

If you want to know about deals through Twitter, follow TeamBlackFriday (who are UK based) so you'll find out about deals which have already started.

It's worth investigating now, get in early so you don't miss out on some bargains.

Remember to mark Black Friday in your calendar for next year too!

Happy Shopping!

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