Sunday, 27 November 2011

Butter London Friends & Family 30% Off

Butter London have a 30% Off online sale at the moment.

click on the above banner to go Butter London's website.

There are three polishes in the Holiday 2011 Collection I love: The Black Knight, Fairy Lights (a Limited Edition) and is only available singularly and Tart With a Heart, but the Tart With a Heart, which is the one I wanted most out of the three isn't available in the UK and the Holiday Collection called Dressing Table Duo 2 are also not sold in the UK! The polishes are £12.00 each.

The Holiday Collection duo packs eg Dressing Table Duo 1 and 2 cost £21.00 per pack, so they're very good value (if you happen to live outside the UK) you can get them. I'm very disappointed Tart With a Heart isn't available here. Is it exclusive to the US only?

Until Tart With a Heart becomes available I won't be buying anything. Like I said I do like The Black Knight and Fairy Lights but I'd prefer to buy them all at the same time.

I only have one Butter London which I only bought this past week and that is the "No More Waigty, Katie" which was made in time for the Wedding of Price William and Kate Middleton and the polish was a tribute to Kate. It was limited edition back in April. I wasn't sure if I liked it until I found a very good swatch and by then many months later it had sold out and become hard to find unless you had £30 to spare. I managed to find one for £10 from an Amazon seller so I snapped it up and I love it!

Note: It doesn't say if the 30% Off is exclusive to UK orders, if the code doesn't work I apologise but like I said I'm not buying anything until Tart With a Heart becomes available and if that isn't going to be sold here I probably won't be buying anything.

Which shade(s) do you like? Do you have any Butter London's?


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