Friday, 25 November 2011

I'm going Home in 3 Weeks!

Dear friends,

It's Thanksgiving today so Happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe you didn't see my tweets yesterday but I'm going Home in 3 weeks!

Firstly, I just want to say thankyou for your support. It means a lot to me that you are interested enough to read my blog. I hope that you have enjoyed what I have posted. 

I think my blog was a little bit informative about upcoming sales and offers and then I started to feel bad that I was tempting you with all those things into spending your money. I took a little break and then came back but to be honest I still don't know which direction to take this blog and have some serious thinking to do about it.

In the meantime, in 2011 I have been quite ill with various things like Shingles, a couple of doses of the flu and back problems. This has affected me and made me quite unhappy, and I've been homesick pretty much since returning in February from Australia. I didn't start my blog until May and hoped that I could pour my heart into it and try to forget about it but it never went away. The reason we went home in the first place was my father in law passed away on New Year's Day and we had to pack and be ready to fly in 3 days and that was fraught but we had family waiting to make funeral arrangements and we had a job trying to get two tickets on the same flight out of London and ended up catching 3 planes to get there which took over 30 hours. I stayed on to help my mother in law but she seemed to be coping quite well. I then went to visit my parents and spent 3 weeks with them and really felt comfortable and it was nice to spend so much time with my parents, then to come back to the freezing cold UK at the end of February was a complete shock.

I found out in an email yesterday (after I'd booked my flight) that my Dad has not been well since July. He's on a waiting list to have cataract Surgery, my Dad's a very active man so I know that not being able to drive must be very hard to come to terms with, my Mum doesn't drive either and she said they're both bored at home and as they live some 20 minutes from a bigger town they are relying on friends for their grocery shopping etc. I don't drive either but I figure Mum could do with some help. Luckily, after speaking to Mr AGB a few days ago and having planned (last year) to go home to my parents this Christmas (having to change plans due to father in law passing away) I didn't want to talk to Mr AGB about going home again, twice in one year is expensive to say the least but he told me the other day how much he regrets not having one final Christmas or chance to see his Dad before he passed away, we can't afford it but last night we booked me to go home to my parents. I'm leaving in 3 weeks and will return in March. Also during that time I hope to visit my Aunty and Uncle in Dunedin, New Zealand and spend time in Sydney and with my BFF in Newcastle, Australia. 

Also hoping to maybe get to Queensland for a week or maybe down to Melbourne, it all depends on money. Traveling to Australia is expensive in December and January so I'll play it by ear.

So I'm very excited to be going home and spending time with my parents but nervous about flying via the US, although my electronic application to transit the country was approved right away I just know how big LAX Airport is and it worries me about getting lost. I don't travel well on my own so hubby booked me in premium economy so I have a nice little pod to myself to sleep and more legroom. We've never spent so much money on just a flight but its going to take over 30 hours with a layover in Los Angeles (a chance to pick up a few things stateside). I hope they have good shops airside. For 6 hours stopover I don't want to brave going into the city on my own, having never been before. I'll definitely tweet if I see anyone famous but I doubt I'd be lucky enough.

So until I leave in 3 weeks I won't be able to keep up with my blog. 

I'm going to have a video camera with me on the trip so I'm going to do some vlogging and if you want to Subscribe to my Vlog channel on YouTube here it is. I doubt I'll be doing much on my main channel because I don't need anymore makeup right now and makeup in Australia and New Zealand is expensive. I might pick up a few things in the Sales but I doubt I'll have many hauls and today I cancelled all 3 of my beauty box subscriptions. I was looking forward to December boxes but none of them could say when they'd ship except for around mid-December and I'd be back home by then and I could do without thinking what's in the boxes (if they were waiting for me at UK home). I'll resubscribe when I return to UK.

I'll be around on twitter and on facebook here and there until I leave. Today, I started laying out my Summer clothes but I'm going to buy a new suitcase because the old one took a beating on the last trip and looks tatty but of course there's a house to keep clean and my mother-in-law arrives here a few days after Christmas so I've got to get everything setup so that Mr AGB needs to do barely anything but put rubbish outside and heat up his dinner, stack and empty dishwasher and take care of our Cat. I also have to give him instructions on the washing machine again, he puts it on the wrong setting.

I know I can get organised having only had 3 days in January to get organised to fly home so this time I have 3 weeks. I might film a what's in my makeup travel bag video but that'd probably be one of my last videos on my main channel. I'll try and film that sometime during next week. I'm going to be away from home on the weekend before I fly as well which was pre-planned so I'll try and do some vlogging in Birmingham and Derby but I don't know if I can get that edited and uploaded by the time I fly but I can probably do that once I get to my parents. I would say to expect a video on my vlog channel around 15th December and links will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. I'll also be posting on dailybooth and tumblr.

Until next time, be happy and safe.


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