Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sacha Juan Hair Conditioner

I recently ended up subscribed to 5 Beauty Boxes (I wanted to sample all of the popular ones to find the best box for me). Last week I decided 5 was far too many, even to continue until the end of the year so I dropped two boxes.

You can read about consolidating all my beauty box products blogpost here.

The Sacha Juan Hair Conditioner was from a recent Boudoir Privé box. Sacha Juan's a Swedish brand.


The Sacha Juan Conditioner is 100ml and the packaging is pretty straight forward, it isn't fancy but looks interesting enough to try.

It has a really nice floral smell without being too floral (if that makes sense) and you only need a 10 pence sized amount in your palm and rub hands together an apply from scalp to ends. I found combing through the conditioner with a wide-tooth comb helped to keep it tangle free and I use this comb everyday to comb through conditioner to the ends of my hair.

I left the conditioner in for 3 minutes and rinsed. Once towel dried I combed through again and not one tangle! My hair is now just long enough for me to be able to smell the ends and it smelt really nice, it felt smooth, soft, nourished and it seemed to even dry quicker than usual and I left it to dry naturally.

The conditioner is a white, thick consistency but it isn't sticky and it smells nice.

What I also like about this conditioner is it's affordable at £10.00 for 100ml from Boudoir Privé's website. I would definitely re-purchase this when my current bottle runs out and use it twice or maybe three times a week. I think using it everyday would make my hair adapt to it far too quickly (that's why I have 3 hair treatment conditioners)  open and they're used on rotation.

Do I recommend the Sacha Juan Hair Conditioner?

Yes, I do.

Have you tried it, did you like it?
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