Thursday, 15 December 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I received my Thierry Mugler Angel giftbox, which I'd order from the Perfume Shop's website when they had a Summer Holiday Sale. I apologise for not blogging about this sooner. It wasn't until I was packing my bags to go overseas in the past week that I decided to bring Angel with me.

Here are photos and I like the presentation of the giftbox.

I bought the 25ml perfume and 30ml Body Lotion and 30ml Shower Gel because it was only £29.99 and its usually more expensive. I haven't tried the Body Lotion or the Shower Gel before so primarily the purchase was for the perfume because I'd run out but also to try the lotion and gel too. 

I also adore the Alien fragrance. I don't have a fullsize bottle of Alien at the moment but I'm going to purchase it at some stage and I think I prefer it over Angel. Angel's been my favourite perfume for nearly a year and I'm on my second bottle. The current one is a 25ml and I purchased a refillable empty star bottle from an Ebayer so I can refill that one too.

Angel's the most bought perfume from the Thierry Mugler fragrance line it was first introduced in 1992. It wasn't until 1997 that I discovered it. I thought it'd be too strong for me, yes it is strong but you only need a little bit and the EDP lasts hours on my skin. 

The notes:

Angel inagurates a new olfactory category: "Oriental gourmands". Between brutality and sweetness, the first notes of the fragrance are steeped in "patchouli". This is followed by more delectable sweeter notes laden with praline, caramel and vanilla.

Far from generating indifference, this fragrance is bewitching, charming and disconcerting.

Here's what the Mugler website says about the history of Angel.

I've smelt the Womanity fragrance but I didn't like it as much as the Alien and Angel. I haven't tried the Sun Essence range of these two fragrances, nor the Innocence fragrance either.

All of the fragrance bottles are absolutely stunning designs. 

I definitely recommend you smell a sample of Angel and/or Alien. I think you may like it. If you decide to buy it depends on if you think you'd use an entire bottle up but I'd go with the resourcable bottle which means you can take it to Debenhams or House of Fraser and the Mugler counter will refill your bottle for you, you have to pay for it but it's reusing the bottle you have. I think it's a fantastic idea.

Do you have Angel or any other Mugler fragrances and which one is your favourite?

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