Thursday, 29 December 2011

Duty Free Haul at Heathrow

How silly of me, I forgot to show you what I bought at London Heathrow Airport's Duty Free on my way to New Zealand earlier this month.

I'd been wanting a VS body mist for a long time but the trouble was I had no way of testing the scents and although some of them sound gorgeous I'm glad I waited to test them at the airport because the one I wanted to buy, VS Pink actually smelt awful on me so I went with just two items because I could've spent easily £100 on VS but I didn't want to blow all my money at the Airport.

I ended up with VS Red Plum and Freesia Fragrance Mist (250ml), which is gorgeous but I found its a red/plum coloured spray and it ended up staining my white top so make sure you let it dry completely on your skin before getting dressed. I do like this scent but the more I use it, the more I think its very strong and so a little goes a long way and its not purse sized, which is annoying (I'd have liked an Impulse spray sized bottle for my handbag) but I guess it should last me a long time.

I also wanted the VS Angel fragrance and they had a larger glass bottle or a 75ml travel bottle which was £10 so I went for the £10 bottle because its plastic, a handy size and I think it was a very good price for a VS perfume. The notes in this one are: plum, violet, pink pepper, gardenia, amber, musk and agarwood.

If your at Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 you'll find Victoria's Secret in the main perfume duty free shop (after Border Control) near all the other perfumes and Victoria's Secret is, at the time of writing this, close to the entrance and towards the left. It was a pretty decent display. I wish I'd thought of taking a photo of it but I was in awe that they actually had VS stocked there.

As you know there isn't a VS store in the UK (that I know of) and you have to rely on Ebay. This is my first VS purchase and I don't think its going to be my last!

They didn't have any of the makeup just fragrances and no clothing either. There's a huge VS store at Sydney Airport (after Border Control) which I saw in January and I wanted to go in but the store was too busy and I was running out of time to get other duty free gifts for my parents. I hope to go back there but my plans are still up in the air I'm being lazy and comfortable at my parents and not wanting to travel great distances at the moment.

Please let me know what you have bought from VS because I'm looking for some recommendations for my return visit in March.

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