Friday, 23 December 2011

My first NZ Haul


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I've been here in NZ almost (2 weeks this coming Monday) and I've only spent half a day shopping, its not that I've not wanted to shop because I have, but I've been spending time with family and trying not to spend all my money before the end of the year!

The very next thing after buying a large coffee and a sandwich upon arrival at Auckland International Airport was the Palmolive Shampoo (because it was pink it had the girl on it and it was cheap)  I'd remembered I hadn't packed shampoo and figured I'd buy it locally, the palmolive was quite good for about 4 or 5 days and then my hair decided it'd had enough so lucky for me I'd won a bottle of Giovanni Chinese Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner from the Pampered and Polished blog here in NZ so I started using it the day I received it, which I think was yesterday and it smells gorgeous, its made my hair super soft, tangle free and sleek. The shampoo would cost $25 each and the conditioner also $25 each. I'll review the Giovanni after Christmas or early in the New Year. Thanks to Emma at Pampered and Polish for this luxurious prize - I couldn't be happier :-)

Back to Palmolive, I wouldn't recommend this particular Palmolive shampoo and conditioner unless you don't intend to use it everyday and used it as a backup, or alternated with another shampoo. I've yet to find a shampoo and conditioner in one that works very well. My hair has turned its nose up at Palmolive and refuses to look clean, shiny, tangle free and healthy! I have problematic hair at the best of times.

On Wednesday my Mum and I went to a Farmers store, its like Debenhams I guess but a smaller shop. I think the one in Rotorua is a larger store and has more beauty but that is over an hour's drive away. 

Firstly, I was really disappointed by the small size of the beauty department at this particular store, it only had Elizabeth Arden and Shisheido and the drugstore products scattered around the edges were only Revlon and L'Oreal. Maybe there's not much call for high end makeup counters in the area but I expected it to be a little bigger and have more drugstore brands represented at least.

Anyway, I headed straight to Revlon (I've been buying a lot of Revlon recently) and the one polish I wanted to buy was out of stock (singularly) and only available in a gift set which was NZ$32 approximately £16 for 3 polishes. I think it was called Sparkle so be on the look out for that one it is a super pretty, sparkly glitter but I didn't buy it and kind of kicking myself for not buying it - hoping there will be some left after Christmas at a reduced priced (I didn't really fancy the other 2 colours in the gift set). I'm not sure if Sparkle is a top coat or a polish but either way I'd use it how I like.

I ended up going for All Fired Up (above) so I could wear it on Christmas Day. It's a very pretty dark red and out of the 3 reds they had one was an Orange Red, one was a Orange/Brassy, Glitter red and there was this one, this was more of a Christmas red. They also had a rather pretty hot pink but I'm trying not to buy pink's at the moment although having said that the second bottle I purchased was a ballet slipper pink with clear glitter, it would also make a gorgeous french mani and I'm wearing it plain on my short nails (I had to cut them so they're all super short).

The pink ballet slipper glitter polish is called Sheer Blossom (007). When I searched for Revlon nail polish 007 to see swatches, it came up with another pink so I guess every country has their own colour codes and I had thought all the countries would be able to find colour 007 if it was in season etc.

Also nipping into Pak N'Save (similar to Tesco, ASDA etc) I found the only Impulse gift set left in Very Pink, no idea of the cost I just picked it up because I like this scent and it had a lipgloss and a little makeup bag, long strap purse which is great for just carrying your iPhone, a lipgloss, money and credit cards which I've been using it for since I bought it. I haven't used the lipgloss yet.

Back to something I noticed on the All Fired Up polish (red) is that it is a different Revlon logo, its written in handwriting whereas other Revlon polishes I have aren't so I looked at the bottles I have bought with me and all of them except the new pink one are made in the UK but the red one and the pink one say made in the USA. I don't know why the logo is different I can only assume it maybe limited edition although it didn't say that on the information packaging etc. The Revlon polishes cost $19.99 here which I've rounded up to£10.00 so they are almost double the price of the UK. 

Of all the things I've hauled so far I think my favourite's are the pink and red polish and the Impulse gift set. I also hauled a few tops (because it was cold when I arrived here) from the Opp Shop, which ended up being the best $25 I've ever spent on clothing. The really amazing thing was helping a lady bringing in her donation from her car and spotting a vintage Chanel box in there, I literally tore open the bag to get everything out and sort it and then asked my Mum if I could buy this and she said yes and it cost $2.00 so I'm going to clean it up and use it as a jewellery box.

I'm sorry for the grainy pictures but I decided to take the photos last night.

I'm super pleased with everything hauled so far (except the palmolive shampoo) and I'm hoping New Zealand have January sales after Christmas like Australia does so if that's the case I'll be buying a few more things before the new year!

What have you hauled lately?

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