Friday, 30 December 2011

Urban Decay NAKED Palette 2 [UK]

Most of you are probably up to date on this, but I thought I'd write about it
just in case there are people who have forgotten about it or don't know about it etc.

I don't have the first NAKED palette but I definitely want to get my hands on NP2!

I found out from Debenhams on Twitter that this will be sold exclusively online!

When do they expect it to launch?

Monday, 9th January 2012

What's the cost?

To Be Advised.

This is what she looks like

 photo from the Makeup and Beauty Blog

What sets NP2 apart from the original one (for me) is the packaging
and they look more like the kinds of shades I'd like.

If you want to know more about this palette please check out the Debenhams blog, they asked Eric Jimenez, the head International make up artist for Urban Decay, a few questions about it when he visited London. You can read Eric's interview here.

Roll on January!

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