Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Body Butter

For a few months I've been using the Body Shop's Vitamin E Body Butter and I bought it because I had Shingles and it has pretty much cleared up (also with the help of the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil), which you can read about. I received a fullsize bottle of the Weleda in a Glossybox and used up an entire 100ml of the body oil and have since re-purchased one which is half full and then a friend sent me another bottle because she said she wasn't going to use it, so I think the combination of the weleda body oil and the body shop's vitamin e cream have helped clear my skin, but I still have some way to go and I still have light scaring on my arms and legs.

I hope that continuing to use a vitamin e cream will help clear it up completely in the next few months and I'll let you know if that's the case. I'm very hopeful my skin can return to pre-July 2011 condition. I had the shingles from late June until around the end of November. My GP said it was due to stress and I had a lot going on in my life that was stressful so it exacerbated the condition.

For those wondering about Shingles, it is apparently dormant in anyone's system who has had chicken pox as a child or an adult and it can reactivate under stress, it is a virus that is triggered by nerves. I'll have it for the rest of my life but I can manage it, if I avoid stress and that's easier said than done. I've been stressed before but I have never had Shingles and I contacted the chicken pox virus when I was 16 so I've had a pretty good run of things in not having ever had a case of shingles since then.

Anyway back to the cream, I thought using a vitamin e cream would help clear it up and make my skin look and feel moisturised and less dry, and it has worked quite nicely but my problem is, if I wasn't so lazy and I had applied it absolutely everyday since I started using it, my skin problems would've cleared up much more than they have, but like I said I'm lazy and admit I don't use a body butter, or a body lotion everyday, but now this is a brand new year it's time to start doing things I haven't been so good at doing before and get myself into a new morning daily beauty routine.

I regularly buy other Body Shop Body Butter's eg the Vanilla Duo, the Passionfruit, or the Mango but I do like the Vitamin E and I like the consistency of the body shop's body butter's I don't like lotions that are too runny, I think this cream and the other body butter's are very easy to apply, they aren't too thick, they soak into your skin quickly but not too quickly and they don't leave my skin feeling greasy.

If you haven't yet tried this Body Shop Body Butter I recommend doing so. I think it has a very faint Rose scent to it. It comes in pink packaging which is nice and the ingredients in this body butter are: shea butter, cocoa, geranoil, limonene and lanolin.

This product contains propylparaben. I know a lot of people would like to know about products containing paraben's. I would like to know more about the use of paraben's in beauty products and why they are used, but I'm certainly trying not to use products with paraben's, however I love my body shop body butter's and it's very hard to avoid paraben's completely in beauty products. I would certainly like to think the body shop could start thinking about paraben free body butter's in the near future.

What's nice about the body shop body butter's are they are good for up to 12 months after product opening and that's a good thing for those who don't use a 200ml container every few months, you have some time before the product expires. A 200ml body butter usually takes me, if I'm being active in applying it everyday, almost 3 or so months to use and consider you pay £12.50 for it (unless you buy it in a sale), which I did and you divide it into 3 (for 3 months), it costs just £4.19 per month! Also you can re-purpose the container, or simply wash it out and put it in the recycling. 

To sum up, I like this body butter and I would re-purchase it. I'm probably going to alternate using this body butter with another one and I'd use the vitamin e probably 3 to 4 times a week and the other 3 or so days I'd use either the vanilla, the mango or passionfruit but having said that I'm on holiday in New Zealand and I only packed the vitamin e cream but I might go and buy another body butter this week so I can get myself into a proper morning beauty routine (I have a vanilla, a mango and two passionfruit body butter's waiting to be used at home).

Have you used the vitamin e body butter and do you like it?

If you haven't tried the body shop's vitamin e body butter would you try it?

Please leave any questions or comments below, thanks.

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